Picoruptor ® Sonicator

DNA methylation of the Tacr2 gene in a CUMS model of depr...


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Best Workflow Practices for
ChIP-seq Analysis
Easy to use
All-in-one solution
Processing of 6-16 samples
Sample size 5 µl – 2 ml
No soundproof box
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1 unit


  • B01060011 - Picoruptor Sonicator with Holder and Adaptor for 1.5ml tubes
  • B01060012 - Picoruptor Sonicator with Holder and Adaptor for 0.65ml tubes
  • B01060013 - Picoruptor Sonicator with Holder and Adaptors Package (0.1, 0.2, 0.65 and 1.5ml tubes adaptors)

Picoruptor は剪断の最新の技術革新であり、最大5μlから最大2mlまでの剪断マイクロボリュームのために最適化されたオールインワン剪断システムとしての新たなブレークスルーを表しています。 冷却システム(ウォータークーラーとシングルサイクルバルブ)により、高精度の温度制御が可能になり、より高品質のサンプルが得られます。

  • オールインワンシャーリングソリューション
  • 6-12個のサンプルの同時超音波処理
  • 小型で、軽く、使いやすい
  • 温度制御された


  • 次世代シークエンシングのためのDNAシェアリング(5〜100μl)
  • クロマチン剪断(10μl〜2ml)
  • RNAシアリング
  • 組織及び細胞からのタンパク質抽出
  • FFPE DNA抽出


High throughput sequencing has dramatically reduced sequencing costs and the development of duel indexing strategies makes it possible to combine 384 samples in a single sequencing run. By developing library preparation methods to enrich for retroviral integration sites and retroviral transcripts we have been able to produce large numbers of low cost libraries to track the evolution of infection and to characterise patterns of expression from our virus of interest. The Bioruptor® Pico has been essential part of our protocols and provides straightforward and consistent shearing of our samples.

Dr Keith Durkin, Unit of Animal Genomics, GIGA-R, Université de Liège , 4000 Liège, Belgium

My group is mostly focused on epigenetic reprogramming and I have been using Diagenode products for the last 5 years. My experience with both antibodies, ChIP-Kits and the Bioruptor is nothing but positive. Diagenode products are unique for reproducibility, and this has always been a great plus for the success of my experiments.

Dr. Raffaele Teperino - Environmental Epigenetic Group - Institute of Experimental Genetics, Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen GmbH, Germany

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