iDeal ChIP-seq kit for Transcription Factors

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4 chrom. prep./24 IPs
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DiagenodeのiDeal ChIP-seq for Transcription Factorsキットは、安定した転写因子ChIP-seqの結果を実現するために、特殊化されたソリューションです。 競合する他社のソリューションとは異なり、本キットは高度に最適化されたプロトコルを使用しており、その品質は多数の転写因子実験検証によって裏付けられています。 優れた特異性と感度で高い収量を実現します。


One of our issues was that we could obtain only a limited number of cells, which is not enough for canonical ChIP-seq protocols. To solve this issue, we used the Diagenode ChIPmentation solution composed of iDeal ChIP-seq Kit for Transcription Factor, TAG Kit for ChIPmentation, and 24 SI for ChIPmentation. We performed ChIPmentation with IP-Star automated system for GATA6 in 2 million GATA6-overxpressing iPS cells. The result showed clear signal/noise ratio and was highly reproducible. This solution also worked in vitro differentiated definitive endoderm cells (data not shown).

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