Diagenodeでは新しいDNAライブラリー調製法として、少量のDNAから次世代シーケンシングのDNAライブラリーをライゲーションフリーで作製できる、革新的な「CATS法(Capture and Amplification by Tailing and Switching)」を採用しています。


Cat. No.製品FormatPrice
C05010001 MicroPlex Library Preparation Kit v3
Diagenode’s MicroPlex Library Preparation Kits v3 have been extensively validated for ChIP-seq samples and are optimized to generate DNA libraries with...
48 rxns $1,555.00
C01070012-30 Tagmentase (Tn5 transposase) – loaded EARLY ACCESS
Diagenode Tagmentase – loaded is a hyperactive Tn5 transposase preloaded with Illumina-compatible sequencing adapters. Its ability to cut DNA and inser...
30 μl $330.00
C01070010-10 Tagmentase
Diagenode Tagmentase is a hyperactive transposase with the potential to enhance epigenetic studies. Its ability to cut DNA and insert sequences of interest i...
10 µl $355.00


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    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
    May 6-May 9, 2024
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    May 21-May 24, 2024



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