While your current Bioruptor might be serving you well, upgrading to the latest Bioruptor technology has a myriad of benefits for your data and your research. Contact us

Diagenode offers a flexible variety of maintenance service options whether your Bioruptor is still under warranty or out of warranty. If your instrument is within warranty, we recommend a QC package and annual maintenance plan. If your Bioruptor is older and is out of warranty, you can add a maintenance service and spare parts plan to increase the longevity of your instrument. You can build your appropriate maintenance plan at any time.
These plans are designed to optimize your customer experience and to protect your instrument investment.

  • Subscribe to a plan at any time
  • Priority assistance
  • Flexible to your needs
  • Minimize downtime


The core service

Recommended bundles and add-ons

Choose one maintenance plan between the two options below, depending on whether your instrument is still within warranty or out of warranty.


Optional: choose your additional services

You can select several options


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