RNA sequencing uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) to uncover the presence and quantity of RNA for gene expression profiling across the transcriptome. Diagenode utilizes the unique capture and amplification by tailing and switching (CATS) methodology for generating RNAseq libraries which is optimal for low or degraded inputs including those from liquid biopsies, FFPE, exosomes, serum, or plasma.

  • Ideal for low input samples including patient samples
  • Proven to detect more transcripts than any other commercial method
  • Full range of RNA-seq services and RNA-seq analysis including the quantification of known transcripts:

Small non-coding RNA including miRNA

  • Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression
  • Novel transcripts and differentially-expressed small RNAs
  • miRNAs involved in regulation of onco- and tumor-suppressor gene expression
  • Differential miRNA expression

mRNA analysis

  • Protein-coding RNA with specific poly A selection
  • Cancer-related mRNA signatures
  • Aberrant mRNA translation in cancer pathogenesis
  • Gene expression profiling and identification of differentially expressed genes (DEG)
  • Epigenetic mechanism of gene expression (transcriptome plus H3K36me3 and H3K4me3 marks)
  • Functional annotation of coding genes

Long non-coding RNA and whole transcriptome

Explore the effects of transcription factor binding through ChIP-seq analysis of a multitude of TFs including:

  • Analysis of whole transcriptome and RNAs larger than 200nt with optional rRNA depletion
  • Non-protein coding RNAs involved in chromatin remodeling & transcriptional/post-transcriptional regulation


G02030000 RNA-seq services
Diagenodeは、RNA-seqライブラリーの調製に独自のライゲーションフリーCATS技術を使用しています。 CATSについて更に詳しく 患者サンプルを含む低入力サンプルに最適 他の商業的方法よりも多くの転写物を検出することが証明されている 既知の転写産物の定量化を含むRNA-seqサービスの全範...


  • 40th Annual Lorne Genome Conference 2019
    Lorne, VIC, Australia
    Feb 17-Feb 19, 2019

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