Our Epigenomics Profiling Services assure the sample preparation expertise and quality data that you seek. Our RNA sequencing service uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) to uncover the presence and quantity of RNA for gene expression profiling across the transcriptome. Diagenode specializes in generating RNA-seq libraries which is optimal for low or degraded inputs including those from liquid biopsies, FFPE, exosomes, serum, or plasma.

Current RNA-seq offerings

Small non-coding RNA including miRNA

  • Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression
  • Novel transcripts and differentially-expressed small RNAs
  • miRNAs involved in regulation of onco- and tumor-suppressor gene expression
  • Differential miRNA expression

mRNA analysis

  • Protein-coding RNA with specific poly A selection
  • Cancer-related mRNA signatures
  • Aberrant mRNA translation in cancer pathogenesis
  • Gene expression profiling and identification of differentially expressed genes (DEG)
  • Epigenetic mechanism of gene expression (transcriptome plus H3K36me3 and H3K4me3 marks)
  • Functional annotation of coding genes

Long non-coding RNA and whole transcriptome

  • Analysis of whole transcriptome and RNAs larger than 200nt with optional rRNA depletion
  • Non-protein coding RNAs involved in chromatin remodeling & transcriptional/post-transcriptional regulation


G02030000 RNA-seq 受託サービス
RNAシーケンシングは次世代シーケンシング(NGS)を利用して、トランスクリプトームにわたる遺伝子発現プロファイリングのためにRNAの存在と量を明らかにします。 Diagenodeは、液体生検、FFPE、エキソソーム、血清、または血漿からのサンプルを含む、分解されたまたは低量インプットに最適なRNA-seqライブ...

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