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Diagenodeの新しいデータマイニングサービスは、先端技術のAI(機械学習)、統計、およびデータベースシステムの方法を利用しています。 この拡張サービスは、大規模なデータセットのパターンを分析して有益な新しい洞察を提供することにより、これまでにない新たな発見をサポートします。




Epigenetic data Transcriptomic data

DNA Methylation (RRBS, WGBS, EPIC arrays)




Small and long non coding RNA

Single-cell RNA-sequencing

Biological Interpretation



Powerful new insights with epigenetic data mining.
A study to distinguish smokers from non-smokers using just one droplet of blood

Next generation sequencing in combination with sophisticated bioinformatics technologies for genomic, transcriptomic and epigeneomic analyses have enormous potential to establish new biomarkers for disease diagnostics, enabling true precision medicine. Analyses of liquid biopsies to measure thousands of different data points simultaneously in easily accessible body fluids (e.g. blood, urine, and saliva) are extremely promising for such biomarker studies.

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Data mining on DNA methylation data in cancer samples
Distinguishing normal from breast cancer tissue

Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in women and the second most common cancer overall.

One important aspect of cancer tissues it that they differ from normal tissues in their epigenetic make up, especially in the DNA methylation pattern. In normal cells methylation assures the proper regulation of gene expression and stable gene silencing. DNA methylation is associated with histone modifications, and the interplay of these epigenetic modifications is crucial to regulate the functioning of the genome by changing chromatin architecture.

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  • Insights
    1. Feasibility study
    • Assessment of data characteristics and applicability of different machine learning (ML)
    • Prototypic analyses:
    • Initial feasibility report

    1. Data Mining
    • Machine learning on data
    • Data evaluation and validation
    • Report generation


    1. Data Interpretation
    • Integration of background knowledge
    • Functional interpretation / pathway mining
    • Scientific reporting
  • Case study

    A clear advantage of Diagenode’s data mining services is the close connection with  other service offerings like wet lab analysis services and bioinformatics services. You can retrieve a full service package from a single source.

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    Epigenomics Profiling Services FLYER
    Chromatin analysis DNA methylation services RNA-seq analysis
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  • EpiPlant 2024
    Clermont-Ferrand, France
    Jul 10-Jul 12, 2024


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