As Genomic services facility, Genoma Lab team, have a large experience, processing different samples for NGS library prep and usually those protocols start with a fragmentation step and frequently the enzimatic option works fine at the first attemp, for the majority kind of samples, Some complex samples (environmental and clinical samples) are more resistant and require more treatments with different setups, which is a problem in low amount DNA and unique samples, causing at the same time a negative impact in experimental planning, times of processing samples and cost. Because of this, the introduction of mechanical fragmentation strategy, using Diagenoder One, became more relevant in the Lab routine. Bioruptor One improved our NGS workflows, providing better quality, cost and time of experiments, with a quick, easy, versatile and clean method!

Ph.D. Carolina Sánchez & Genoma Lab team. Genomic services facility Universidad Mayor. Santiago. Chile.
about Diagenode One sonication device, 50 ?l Microfluidic Chips for the One.

We have had an excellent experience with the RRBS service provided by Diagenode. Our project was based on DNA extracted from human fresh and paraffin-embedded skeletal muscle, and the RRBS and Bioinformatic results were reliable and consistent with what we expécted. We highly recommend their service

Mario Roque - Instituto de Histología y Embriología de Mendoza (IHEM), Mendoza, Argentina
about DNA Methylation Profiling (RRBS Service).

We are very happy with the services provided by Diagenode. In our project, Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) was used and it worked well for both high-quality DNA and DNA extracted from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) material. Bioinformatic analyses were comprehensive and high-quality results were obtained. Diagenode’s services can be recommended.

Satu Mäki-Nevala, PhD, University of Helsinki
about DNA Methylation Profiling (RRBS Service).

We sheared the DNA on the Diagenode One and used the MicroPlex Library Preparation v2 Kit to create DNA libraries for whole genome sequencing of four plant species for which there is no reference genome available. Previous attempts with a commercial Tn5-transposase based method gave unsatisfactory results. However, the Diagenode MicroPlex kit was quicker, easier, and gave the expected profile of fragment sizes. In just 30 seconds of sonication, we obtained a fragment distribution centered at 270 bp. The library construction took only 2 hours with this kit. The library was sequenced in a NexSeq 550 in High-Output mode, giving 85% based with>Q30.

PhD. Ricardo Verdugo, Assistant Professor, University of Chile
about Diagenode One sonication device, MicroPlex Library Preparation Kit v2 (12 indices), MicroPlex Library Preparation Kit v2 (12 indices), MicroPlex Library Preparation Kit v2 (48 indices).

I like the Diagenode CATS RNA-seq kit for a number of reasons. 
The kit is approachable for any research user. The things I care about are time, reproducibility, and ease. In my hands, the CATS mRNA-seq kit has generated highly reproducible libraries from very low input RNA that goes into polyA selection. This has significantly decreased the amount of time I spend doing library preps, enabling me to further engage with my research.

Jordan Lewandowski, PhD; HSCRB // Harvard
about CATS mRNA-seq Kit (with polyA selection) v2 x24, CATS mRNA-seq Kit (with polyA selection) v2 x12, CATS mRNA-seq Kit (with polyA selection) v2 x96.

Given the low input range of up to 1 ng of our cell free plasma derived small RNA samples, commercially available kits and various published protocols failed in generating a library suitable for NGS with attempts resulting in high concentrations of adaptor dimer or failed library amplifications.

In light of this, we are more than happy to have tested the CATS small RNA-seq kit by Diagenode. Even with limited input material we got a rich library with absolutely no detectable adaptor dimer, as expected given it is a ligation free method. The kit performed superbly, in contrast to other commercially available kits or published protocols, with less hassle and with a greater ease of use.

Highly recommended for anyone who is struggling with generating a library from low input and challenging samples.


Jonatan Darr, PhD, Environmental Epigenetics Group, Institute of Experimental Genetics, Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany
about CATS Small RNA-seq Kit x24, CATS Small RNA-seq Kit x12, CATS Small RNA-seq Kit x96.

I have used  Diagenode's antibodies for my ChIP Seq experiments. The antibodies performed very well in our experiments with specific signal, and good signal to noise ratio.

Antibodies used in our lab: Pol II Monoclonal Classic (C15200004).

Junaid Akhtar, Institute of Development Biology and Neurobiology, Mainz, Germany
about Pol II monoclonal antibody - Classic, Pol II monoclonal antibody - Classic (sample size).

Established in March 15th 2000, DNA Link, Inc. has developed as one of the leading full genomic service provider with its extensive 17 years of experience. DNA Link has been involved in numerous genomic researches including many national projects, and contributed to the expansion of the genomic industry.

On one hand, DNA Link was the very first company to introduce the RS II system from Pacific Bioscience in Asia, and has been approved as one of the eight global certified service providers for PacBio. Since 2012, DNA Link has been providing quality results that are controlled under strict criteria and successfully assisted numerous research projects.

PacBio platforms’ strongest upside is that it generates the longest reads among all sequencing platforms, and constructing long-read libraries using high molecular weight DNA is the most crucial part of utilizing the platforms. Within the PacBio library preparation process, shearing the DNA molecules accordingly to the library size is the initial step for a successful library construction. Sufficient library yield can be obtained only if the DNA molecules are sheared within the targeted size.

DNA Link has been using the Megaruptor instrument from Diagenode for this shearing process, as it is easy to use and has less contamination risk for using disposable hydropores, which contributes to the overall efficiency of the laboratory logistics.

Read our new Nature Methods publication about the Megaruptor 2 and best NGS library preparation practices

Hyeyoon, Jang - Lab Manager - Seoul, Korea
about Megaruptor® 2.

I have been using Diagenode products to perform ChIP-seq during the last three years and I am very satisfied, with the Bioruptor, the kits and the antibodies. I have used the iDeal ChIP-seq kit for Histones and the iDeal ChIP-seq kit for Transcription Factors with very successful and reproducible results. Once I tried to ChIP histones with a home-made protocol and it worked much worse in comparison with Diagenode kits. In other occasion, I tried a non-Diagenode antibody for a transcription factor and I also got much poor results, however with the Diagenode antibody I always got very nice results. I strongly recommend the use of Diagenode products.

Dr. Francisca Martinez Real - Development and Disease Research Group - Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin, Germany
about iDeal ChIP-seq kit for Histones, iDeal ChIP-seq kit for Histones, iDeal ChIP-seq kit for Histones, iDeal ChIP-seq kit for Transcription Factors, iDeal ChIP-seq kit for Transcription Factors, iDeal ChIP-seq Kit for Transcription Factors.

Neonatal screening cards provide a valuable bio-bank for retrospective studies. We have used the Bioruptor Pico and IP-Star Compact instrument along with the Auto MeDIP and IPure v2 kit to generate genome-wide DNA methylation profiles using only minute DNA inputs. Using the Diagenode instruments and products has generated reproducible results and saved us hands-on time. We are satisfied with the level of service and technical support and would recommend Diagenode to all others working in the field of epigenetics.

Read the full abstract for Genome-wide DNA methylation profiling with MeDIP-seq using archived dried blood spots

Dr. Nicklas Heine Staunstrup, Faculty of Health, Institute of Biomedicine, Aarhus University, Denmark
about Picoruptor ® ソニケーター, IP-Star® Compact Automated System, IPure kit v2.

The new Diagenode Premium RRBS Kit makes it easy to use RRBS cost-effectively and with high throughput, using early sample pooling and multiplex sequencing. Most importantly, the method provides an improved coverage of up to 4 million CpGs for the human genome. We successfully used this protocol on more than 1,000 samples comprising of six different species, various cancers, FFPE and lowinput samples.

Paul Datlinger and Christoph Bock, CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria
about Premium Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) キット, Premium Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) Kit, DNA Methylation Profiling (RRBS Service).

I have been doing ChIPs for a very long time and have tried many kits from different sources like Active Motif, Millipore/Upstate, and homemade reagents. The reproducibility and binding efficacy were never optimal for these until a colleague recommended the iDeal ChIP-seq Kit for Transcription Factors from Diagenode. I have done more than one hundred samples of ChIPs and ChIP-seq using this kit. The results are very consistent and the binding efficacy is higher than with all the other methods. I would definitely recommend this ChIP kit from Diagenode to anyone who is trying to do ChIP or ChIP-seq.

Researcher at Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
about iDeal ChIP-seq kit for Transcription Factors.

Our laboratory has used RRBS sevice of Diagenode on murine and human samples. The service was impeccable in each phase, from the sample preparation to bionformatic analysis because it was always customer-oriented. I highly recommend my colleagues to use the RRBS service from Diagenode.

Prof. Lucia Altucci, MD, PhD, Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, Dipartimento di Biochimica, Biofisica e Patologia generale .
about Premium Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) キット, Premium Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) Kit, DNA Methylation Profiling (RRBS Service).

The system performance was very good. High molecular weight DNA of different plants (Arabidopsis Alm, Hops polaris and wine Villard Blanc) was isolated and diluted to 50ng/µl or 70ng/µl. We aimed for fragment length 30kb at the volume 150µl.
We achieved good results and we will continue with bead purification and library preps for PacBio sequencing.  I like the user friendly interface of the Megaruptor® 2. Just two parameters had to be specified: volume of each sample and desired mean fragment size. The processed DNA has a narrow size distribution at around 30kb.

Christa Lanz and Julia Hildebrandt, Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen, Germany
about Megaruptor® 2.

At the VIB Department of Molecular Genetics we strive to implement the best technologies in our workflows. Recent advances in long read sequencing using Oxford Nanopore technology have made the investigation of complex genomic variation in the human genome possible. A crucial step in the beginning of the library preparation is the shearing of genomic DNA, and this is where we implement the Megaruptor. The straightforward protocol is efficient, requires minimal sample handling and results in very reproducible fragment sizes. Another advantage is the consumable cost, which is lower than alternative technologies. For our applications we prefer shearing to lengths of 10 to 40kb, and for this the Megaruptor is the optimal solution.

Wouter de Coster and the Genomic Service Facility, VIB Department of Molecular Genetics, Antwerp, Belgium
about Megaruptor®.

High throughput sequencing has dramatically reduced sequencing costs and the development of duel indexing strategies makes it possible to combine 384 samples in a single sequencing run. By developing library preparation methods to enrich for retroviral integration sites and retroviral transcripts we have been able to produce large numbers of low cost libraries to track the evolution of infection and to characterise patterns of expression from our virus of interest. The Bioruptor® Pico has been essential part of our protocols and provides straightforward and consistent shearing of our samples.

Dr Keith Durkin, Unit of Animal Genomics, GIGA-R, Université de Liège , 4000 Liège, Belgium
about Picoruptor ® ソニケーター.

The Diagenode TDG recombinant protein (Cat. No. C23020101) is a very good tool. I used it as positive control in western blot analysis and during TDG ELISA activity assays. The protein is really active! Indeed the TDG recombinant protein perfectly works in glycosylase activity assays using marked oligos.

Dr Francesco Spallotta, Division of Cardiovascular Epigenetics, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
about Recombinant mouse TDG .

Diagenode Ago monoclonal antibody (Cat No. C15200167) immunoprecipitates the predicted miRNA target alleles very efficiently

Haruko Takeda, University of Liège, Belgium
about Ago (Argonautes) monoclonal antibody - Classic, Ago (Argonautes) monoclonal antibody - Classic, Ago (Argonautes) monoclonal antibody - Classic (sample size).

In life sciences, epigenetics is nowadays the most rapid developing field with new astonishing discoveries made every day. To keep pace with this field, we are in need of reliable tools to foster our research - tools Diagenode provides us with. From antibodies to automated solutions - all from one source and with robust support. Antibodies used in our lab: H3K27me3 polyclonal antibody – Premium, H3K4me3 polyclonal antibody – Premium, H3K9me3 polyclonal antibody – Premium, H3K4me1 polyclonal antibody – Premium, CTCF polyclonal antibody – Classic, Rabbit IgG.

Dr. Florian Uhle, Dept. of Anesthesiology, Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany
about H3K27me3 polyclonal antibody - Premium, H3K27me3 polyclonal antibody - Premium (sample size), H3K4me3 polyclonal antibody - Premium, H3K4me3 polyclonal antibody - Premium (sample size), H3K9me3 polyclonal antibody - Premium, H3K9me3 polyclonal antibody - Premium (sample size), H3K4me1 polyclonal antibody - Premium (sample size), H3K4me1 polyclonal antibody - Premium, CTCF polyclonal antibody - Classic, CTCF polyclonal antibody - Classic (sample size), Rabbit IgG, IP-Star® Compact Automated System.

Using the Premium RRBS kit we quickly established the RRBS library preparation in our group. Diagenode's support on wet-lab matters as well as on bioinformatics was exceptionally customer-oriented and close, accelerating the establishment of the method.

Dr. Eduard Resch, Fraunhofer Insitute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME, Project Group Translational Medicine & Pharmacology TMP, Frankfurt am Main
about Premium Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) キット, Premium Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) Kit.


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