Diagenode focuses on state-of-the-art preparation of high quality biological and chemical samples by developing the industry’s most advanced water bath sonicators and hydrodynamic devices. Our instruments are ideal for a number of applications in various fields of studies including environmental research, toxicology, genomics and epigenomics, cancer research, stem cells and development, neuroscience, clinical applications, agriculture, and many more.

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Reproductibility is our priority


An affordable instrument for wide range of applications

Designed for any researchers, the Bioruptor gives the user the right level of flexibility.

Bioruptor Cup Horn Sonicators Focused
Multi Sample Sonicator
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Range of applications
Scalable and sample volume flexibility

Bioruptor ultrasonication for best results in:

✓  Chromatin shearing - Industry leader in accurate and tight fragment ranges

✓  DNA shearing - Excellent results for optimal fragment lengths in NGS library prep

  Protein aggregation studies - Standardizing seeding with the robust Bioruptor.
Read the app note by Dr. Kelvin Luk at the University of Pennsylvania “Standardizing seeding experiments using the Bioruptor® for the understanding of the neuronal alpha-synuclein pathology”

  3D genome analysis with Hi-C - Preparing chromatin libraries with high-quality sonication.
Read the app note, “Unlock Low-Input 3D Genome Analysis with the Arima-HiC Kit”

  Mass spectrometry and increasing protein identification- Sample preparation using Preomics iST and Bioruptor sonication.
Read the app note “Increase your iST ultrasonication throughput with the new Bioruptor® Pico cartridge holder”

✓  Cell lysis, liposome prep, protein extraction, RNA extraction and more

✓  CUT&RUN –Sonication of input DNA (for enrichment comparison) for NGS


Bioruptor Pico

The Bioruptor® Pico is the latest innovation in shearing and represents a new breakthrough as an all-in-one shearing system capable of shearing sam...

  • All-in-one solution
  • Highly reproducible
  • Processing of 6-16 samples
  • User friendly software
Bioruptor Plus Sonication Device

The Bioruptor® uses a unique system to uniformely process multiple samples in sealed tubes of 0.5 ml to 50 ml capacity. The built-in cooling system...

  • Temperature-controlled
  • Easy to use
  • Processing of 3-12 samples
  • Sample size 100 µl – 20 ml
  • Advanced timing control
Bioruptor pico next gen sequencing

The Bioruptor® Pico (2013-2019) represented a breakthrough for shearing micro-volumes of 5 μl to larger volumes of up to 2 ml. The new&nbs...

  • Temperature-controlled
  • Easy to use
  • All-in-one solution
  • Processing of 6-16 samples
  • Sample size 5 µl – 2 ml
  • No soundproof box
  • Five year warranty

Bioruptor® Pico accessories

  • some alt
    0.1 ml Bioruptor® Pico Microtubes
  • some alt
    0.1 ml tube holder & tube adaptors for Biorupto...
  • default alt
    0.2 ml microtubes for Bioruptor® Pico
  • some alt
    0.65 ml Bioruptor® Pico Microtubes
  • some alt
    1.5 ml Bioruptor® Pico Microtubes with Caps
  • some alt
    15 ml Bioruptor® Pico Tubes & sonication beads
  • 15 ml tubes
    15 ml Bioruptor® Pico Tubes
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Bioruptor® Plus (and Standard) accessories

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    0.5 ml Bioruptor® Plus Microtubes
  • Product image
    0.5/0.65 ml tube holder for Bioruptor® Stan...
  • some alt
    1.5 ml Bioruptor® Plus TPX microtubes
  • some alt
    1.5 ml Bioruptor® Plus TPX microtubes
  • some alt
    1.5 ml tube holder for Bioruptor® Standard ...
  • some alt
    10 ml Bioruptor® Plus tubes
  • some alt
    10 ml tube holder for Bioruptor® Standard & Plus
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