15 ml Bioruptor® Pico Tubes

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The 15 ml Bioruptor® Tubes strongly improve protein extraction efficiency. The tubes have been thoroughly validated for use on the Bioruptor® Pico and are strongly recommended for extraction of proteins using this instrument. Recommended sample volume: 500 μl - 2 ml.

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    Protein extraction from Tissues and Cultured Cells using Bioruptor® Pico
    Protein extraction from tissues and cultured cells is the first step for many biochemical and ana...
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    15 ml Bioruptor® Tubes DATASHEET
    The 15 ml Bioruptor® Tubes C30010017 strongly improve protein extraction efficie...
    Which tubes for which Bioruptor®? QUICK GUIDE
    Diagenode tubes were developed specifically for use with the Bioruptor®. They ensure a maximu...
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