August 23, 2017
Diagenode KK Grand Opening in Japan
July 2017 marks the opening of our new Diagenode office in Japan
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July 14, 2017
Diagenode and PreOmics Launch New Streamlined Sample Preparation Solution for Proteomic Analyses
The Diagenode Bioruptor® in combination with the PreOmics iST Kit greatly enhances protein and peptide identifications
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June 14, 2017
Diagenode licenses new ChIPmentation technology for low input library preparation for ChIP-sequencing
Diagenode’s new agreement with the CeMM Research Center of Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences will enable ChIP-sequencing from low input and difficult samples
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January 20, 2017
Diagenode Announces New Collaboration to Develop a High-Sensitivity DNA Amplification Method for Sequencing
Diagenode reinforces collaboration with the Heidelberg University Hospital and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) for the development of a DNA amplification method for NGS library preparation
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  • "Molecular Biosystems" Conference on Eukaryotic Gene Regulation and Functional Genomics
    Puerto Varas, Región de Los Lagos, Chile
    Sep 23-Sep 26, 2017
  • The 76th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association
    Tokyo, Japan
    Sep 28-Sep 30, 2017
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