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Sequencing technologies have revolutionized genomics and biology researches. Long read sequencing enables researchers to access a more comprehensive view of genomes with higher accuracy. However, one of the most critical aspects of optimal library preparation is the quality of the DNA to be sequenced. The DNA must first be effectively and consistently sheared into the appropriate fragment size. The Megaruptor gives state-of-art shearing performance providing optimal long-read sequencing using PacBio® and Oxford NanoporeTMtechnologies.

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Megaruptor 3

The Megaruptor® 3 was designed to provide the best experience with the fragmentation of DNA from 5 kb - 100 kb. Shearing performance is independen...

  • Tight fragment size distribution
  • High quality libraires
  • 1 to 8 samples in parallel
  • Tuneable to between 5 - 100 kb
 DNA Shearing, RNA shearing and Chromatin shearing

The Megaruptor® 2 was designed to provide the best experience with the fragmentation of DNA from 3 kb - 75 kb. Shearing performance is independent...

  • Tight fragment size distribution
  • Hydropores eliminate clogging
  • High quality libraires
  • Tuneable to between 3 - 75 kb
  • 1 to 2 samples in series

Megaruptor accessories

  • some alt
    Hydro Tubes
  • some alt
    Hydropore - long
  • some alt
    Hydropore - short
  • Megaruptor 3 - Cassette 12 samples
    Megaruptor 3 cassette for 12 samples
  • megaruptor 3 shearing kit
    Megaruptor 3 DNAFluid+ Kit
  • megaruptor 3 shearing kit
    Megaruptor 3 Shearing Kit
  • megaruptor 3 shearing kit
    Megaruptor Shearing Kit/DNAFluid+ Bundle


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