Megaruptor 3 DNAFluid+ Kit

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Be involved in the optimization!

Now introducing a solution to eliminate the challenges of using highly viscous extracted DNA samples for any downstream steps and QC!

Combine the DNAFluid+ Kit with the Megaruptor 3 and achieve effective, automated homogenization of highly viscous DNA samples while keeping the integrity of the DNA and full control of the DNA size prior any downstream applications.

Help optimize the solution while getting early access to the kit and giving us your comments and suggestions.

How to participate:

You can get early access by ordering the DNAFluid+ kit and provide feedback to us on the product by clicking on the below button. The survey should take you less than 15'.


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Circulomics is excited to collaborate with Diagenode to develop rapid and easy methods to facilitate the handling and shearing of HMW DNA. Combining Nanobind HMW DNA with Megaruptor shearing and Short Read Eliminator size selection allows accurate control of DNA size for long read sequencing.


Dr. Kelvin Liu, Founder and CEO of Circulomics Inc
  • FAQs

    What is the pre-release program?

    The Diagenode pre-release program allows users to try out a pre-release of the kit and give feedback on their experience. We want to highlight user experience and improve the product accordingly. Any suggestions and comments will help us fine tune our solution. The final version of the kit has not been released to the market by Diagenode yet, so please be aware that the protocol provides users with only very few guidelines, and the solution may not generate the expected results for your particular application. Therefore, we would suggest to test on few samples prior using critical samples.

    How to get access to a pre-release of the kit:

    You can get access to a pre-release of the kit by ordering through the normal ordering process.

    How to send feedback to Diagenode:

    Share your experience

    Who is eligible?

    The pre-release program is open to anyone who has access to a Megaruptor 3. The DNAFluid+ has been especially designed for use with the Megaruptor® 3 (B06010003).

    Are there any fees to join the program?

    There are no specific fees to join the pre-release program. The only fees are the cost of the kit, the minimum price to get the consumables.

    Will I be paid to test the kit?

    This program is voluntary. You will not receive any compensation for your participation. However, we will ensure the users who participated in the feedback to be exempt of any price increase of the DNAFluid+ Kit until 1 year upon official release of the kit.

    If you need assistance:

    For any further concerns, please, contact us at Diagenode Care: https://www.diagenode.com/en/pages/support

  • Characteristics

    The Megaruptor 3 DNAFluid+ kit includes ready-to-use assemblies of Hydropore-Syringe and Hydro Tubes for 16 samples. The kit has been especially designed for being used with the Megaruptor® 3 (B06010003).

    Sterile Hydropores, Syringes, and Hydro Tubes are intended for single use

    Store at room temperature

    This product is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures

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    DNAFluid+ Quickguide PROTOCOL
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