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Validation of the DNA Fluid+ Kit on viscous samples with the Circulomics Nanobind CBB Big DNA Kit.


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Handling highly viscous extracted DNA samples for any downstream steps and QC should not be a challenge anymore. The purpose is to combine the DNAFluid+ Kit with the Megaruptor 3 in order to allow an effective and automatized homogenization of highly viscous DNA samples by keeping the integrity of the DNA and a full control of the DNA size prior any downstream applications.

You can be part of the improvement of the solution while getting an early access to the kit and giving us your comments, concerns, and suggestions.

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You can get an early access by ordering the DNAFluid+ kit as for other Diagenode products and feedback us on the product by clicking on the below button.

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Circulomics is excited to collaborate with Diagenode to develop rapid and easy methods to facilitate the handling and shearing of HMW DNA. Combining Nanobind HMW DNA with Megaruptor shearing and Short Read Eliminator size selection allows accurate control of DNA size for long read sequencing.


Dr. Kelvin Liu, Founder and CEO of Circulomics Inc
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    Validation data: DNAFluid+ Kit for viscous DNA

    Validation of the DNA Fluid+ Kit on viscous samples is shown below. HMW DNA was extracted from GM12878 cells using the Circulomics Nanobind CBB Big DNA Kit. First, the sample was pre-sheared using the DNA Fluid+ Kit (speed 59) and then diluted to 50 ng/uL and sheared using the Long Hydropore (speed 31) on the Megaruptor 3 system. PacBio HiFi sequencing was performed on the sheared DNA using a 30 hr movie, SMRTbell Express Template Prep Kit 2.0, Binding Kit 2.0, and Sequel II Sequencing Kit 2.0, and Circulomics SRE XS size selection. These results show that Circulomics SRE XS is a good substitute for gel-based size selection and that the DNAFluid+ works well to pre-condition DNA for Long Hydropore shearing without clogging.

    DNA Fluid+ Kit effectively pre-conditions HMW DNA to allow consistent shearing across samples of varying viscosity.

    Fig.1. The Femto Pulse traces show fragment size distributions of: 1) native HMW DNA isolated from GM12878 cells using the Circulomics Nanobind CBB Big DNA Kit (black curve), 2) after pre-shearing with the Diagenode DNA Fluid+ Kit (blue curve) and 3) after shearing to ~18 kb with the Diagenode Long Hydropore using Megaruptor3 (red curve). Pre-shearing the HMW DNA enables more consistent shearing performance across samples of varying viscosity.

    Excellent read length distribution of sequencing results using DNA treated with DNA Fluid+ Kit.

    Fig. 2. After shearing the gDNA that was pre-conditioned with the Diagenode DNA Fluid+ Kit, HiFi read length distribution of GM12878 SMRTbell library shows excellent read length distribution. Sequencing was performed on the PacBio Sequel II system.

  • Characteristics

    The Megaruptor 3 DNAFluid+ kit includes ready-to-use assemblies of Hydropore-Syringe and Hydro Tubes for 16 samples. The kit has been especially designed for being used with the Megaruptor® 3 (B06010003). Please note, the DNAFluid+ Kit pre-conditions viscous DNA. Shearing is accomplished with the use of the Megaruptor 3 in conjunction with this kit.

    Sterile Hydropores, Syringes, and Hydro Tubes are intended for single use

    Store at room temperature

    This product is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures

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