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Megaruptor® 3

Tight fragment size distribution
High quality libraires
1 to 8 samples in parallel
Tuneable to between 5 - 100 kb
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5kbから100kbまでのシンプルで再現性が高く自動されたDNAの断片化を提供するように設計されていて、ロングリードde novoシーケンシング、構造変異体の検出、および一分子シーケンシングに不可欠です。 Megaruptorのユニークなデザインは、DNAサンプルの供給源、濃度、温度、塩分とは無関係の最先端のせん断性能を提供し、究極の柔軟性と使いやすさをお届けします。汚染や目詰まりの心配がなくMegaruptorはシームレスに1〜8サンプルの柔軟なスループットを同時に処理することができます。

  • ユーザーフレンドリーなタッチスクリーンインターフェース
  • ハイスループット:1〜8サンプルを同時に処理
  • 自動化:ソフトウェアはユーザー入力不必要で処理が可能で、 洗浄シーケンスも不要
  • 安全:使い捨ての目詰まりしないハイドロポアを備えた完全密閉システム
  • 比類のない品質均等なフラグメント分布を提供
  • コンパクト設計:設置面積が小さく低騒音


As a PacBio Certified Service Provider it is critical that sample processing in my laboratory is precise and reproducible. For genome sequencing projects, the fragmentation of genomic DNA to precise and reproducible sizes is essential in order to optimize conditions for library preparation, sequencing, and downstream assembly. For this my laboratory relies on the Megaruptor system. The Megaruptor is the optimal system for long DNA fragment generation and tight fragment length distribution.

Brewster Kingham, Delaware Biotechnology Institute, University of Delaware

The NGS Competence Center Tübingen (NCCT), together with four other national centers, has been established by the DFG (German Research Foundation) to support research projects with diverse needs of high-throughput sequencing technologies.

Long-read sequencing is very helpful to answer scientific questions in various topics such as microbiology or clinical research. We have noticed that the data yield of Nanopore sequencing can be notably increased by shearing the high molecular weight genomic DNA with an average size distribution of ~30kb and obtaining a read length N50 of 30kb. In this context, the Megaruptor 3 was critical to achieve long, homogenous and reproducible DNA preparation.

Megaruptor 3 is able to shear different molecular weight ranges up to 100kb; provided the input genomic DNA is of high-molecular weight. We have tested the Megaruptor 3 with genomic DNA from human blood, fibroblasts and difficult samples such as bacterial genomic DNA with high viscosity. With the Megaruptor 3 we have easily sheared up to 8 samples in parallel, saving preparation time. We have tested concentrations as low as 5 ng/µL and up to 70 ng/µL, saving sample material for optimization and meeting downstream requirements for library preparation.  

Finally, handling of the Megaruptor 3 is quick, with a simple interface. Diagenode is fast in delivering consumables and these are ready-to-go. Sample preparation requires one pipetting step. You need to enter 2 parameters of your sample: volume and concentration in addition to the speed related to your desired size. It is a safe process without sample cross-contamination. It is easy to control whether the sample is going through the hydropore. The system is fast; for the concentration and speed conditions we have tested, runs were completed between half an hour and 2 hours.

Elena Buena Atienza and Dr. Nicolas Casadei, Institute of Medical Genetics and Applied Genomics, University Clinics Tübingen
  • 5〜100 kbのDNAのデモンストレーション

    Excellent reproducibility and size distribution achieved with the Megaruptor 3

    A: Fragment Analyzer profiles of human genomic DNA samples (25 ng/μl; 200 μl/sample) sheared to 6, 10 and 30 kb. B: DNA samples sheared at different speed settings of the Megaruptor were analyzed by Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE) in 1% agarose gel. (NS: Not Sheared)

  • Specifications for the Megaruptor
    Megaruptor 3Megaruptor 3 Megaruptor 2Megaruptor 2
    Size range 5 - 100 kb 3 - 75 kb
    Volume range 65 - 500 µl 50 - 400 µl
    Concentration range 0 - 150 ng/µl 0 - 50 ng/µl
    Throughput 1 to 8 samples in parallel 1 to 2 samples in series
    Eliminate cross-contamination with disposable elements in a completely closed-system with disposable elements and with washing sequences
    Multiple-orifice disposables
    Consumables Megaruptor 3 Shearing Kit : 
    Cat. No. E07010003

    Hydropore - short : Cat. No. E07010001
    Hydropore - long : Cat. No. E07010002
    Hydro Tubes : Cat. No. C30010018

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    The Megaruptor 3 enables us to shear to HMW DNA to consistent and narrow size ranges. This is critical for construction of PacBio libraries and most importantly for samples with limiting amounts of DNA. The fact that it is easy to use is a significant plus in a busy lab.

    Alvaro Hernandez, Ph.D., Director of the High-Throughput Sequencing and Genotyping Unit of the Roy J. Carver Biotechnology Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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