Megaruptor Shearing Kit/DNAFluid+ Bundle

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Megaruptor Shearing Kit/DNA Fluid+ Bundle

The Megaruptor Shearing Kit/DNAFluid+ Bundle for viscous DNA  eliminates the challenges of using highly viscous extracted DNA samples for any downstream steps and QC. The bundle includes both the components of the DNAFluid+ Kit  (E07020001) and the Megaruptor Shearing Kit (E07010003) consisting of everything you need to process high molecular weight DNA samples on the Megaruptor 3. The DNAFluid+ Kit contains proprietary "Hydropore-Syringe" and "Hydro Tube" shearing accessories that reduce the viscosity of DNA by pre-conditioning high molecular weight DNA while the Megaruptor Shearing Kit contains the necessary ready-to-use assemblies of Hydropore-Syringe and Hydro Tubes for 16 samples. The shearing kit has been especially designed for use with the Megaruptor® 3 (B06010003) and is capable of producing reproducible DNA fragments in the range between 5 kb and higher than 100 kb. This combination of the DNAFluid+ Kit Megaruptor Shearing Kit will together achieve effective, automated homogenization of highly viscous DNA samples while keeping the integrity of the DNA and full control of the DNA size prior to any downstream applications. 


Circulomics is excited to collaborate with Diagenode to develop rapid and easy methods to facilitate the handling and shearing of HMW DNA. Combining Nanobind HMW DNA with Megaruptor shearing and Short Read Eliminator size selection allows accurate control of DNA size for long read sequencing.


Dr. Kelvin Liu, Founder and CEO of Circulomics Inc
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