D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit for Illumina

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Product Features

  • Ultra-low input capability, down to 10 pg for small RNAs or circulating RNAs
  • Higher library complexity providing novel and diverse transcript detection
  • Improved quantification accuracy through the use of UMIs
  • Optimal performance on liquid biopsy samples such as plasma, serum, and urine
  • Easy to use with minimal hands-on time: one day, one tube protocol

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Note: The D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit manual describes now the protocol for both UDI and SI library constructions.

D-Plex Small RNA-seq Library Prep Kit is a tool designed for the study of the small non-coding transcriptome. The kit is using the D-Plex technology to generate small RNA libraries for Illumina sequencing directly from total RNAs or enriched small RNAs.

The D-Plex technology utilizes two innovative ligation-free mechanisms - poly(A) tailing and template switching - to produce sequencing libraries from ultra-low input amounts, down to 10 pg for small RNAs and 100 pg for total RNAs. Combined with unique molecular identifiers (UMI), this complete solution ensures a realistic and accurate representation of diverse small RNA species (such as microRNAs, piRNAs, tRNAs, and siRNAs) with minimized quantitative bias.

D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit offers a time saving protocol that can be completed within 5 hours and requires minimal hands-on time. The library preparation takes place in a single tube, increasing the efficiency tremendously. This new solution has been extensively validated for liquid biopsy, such as from human plasma, making it an important tool for clinically-relevant studies.

D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit includes all buffers and enzymes necessary for the library preparation. Specific D-Plex Indexes were designed and validated to fit the D-Plex technology and are available separately:

For D-Plex UDI library construction:

For D-Plex SI library construction:

D-Plex is also available for MGI sequencing, check here!

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