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D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit for Illumina

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Small RNA-seq library prep kit for Illumina

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D-Plex Small RNA-seq Library Prep Kit is a tool designed for the study of the small non-coding transcriptome. The kit is using the D-Plex technology to generate small RNA libraries for Illumina sequencing directly from total RNA or enriched small RNA.

The D-Plex technology utilizes the innovative capture and amplification by tailing and switching, a ligation-free method for RNA library preparation from ultra-low inputs, down to 10 pg for small RNA and 100 pg for total RNA. Combined with UMIs, this complete solution ensures a realistic and accurate representation of diverse small RNA species (such as miRNA, piRNA, tRNA, and siRNA) with minimized quantitative bias.

D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit offers a time saving protocol that can be completed within 5 hours and requires minimal hands-on time. This new solution has been extensively validated for liquid biopsy, such as from human plasma, making it an important tool for clinically-relevant studies.

D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit includes all buffers and enzymes necessary for the library preparation. Specific D-Plex Single Indexes were designed and validated to fit this technology and are available separately:

Read more about the D-Plex technology or discover the D-Plex Kit compatible with MGI sequencing.

Focused on your target

small RNA sequencing kit

Catch all kind of small non-coding RNAs with D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit.

Get rich content

small RNA diversity

One day to enrich your sample with a large variety of small RNAs in one tube. Identify your reads accurately with UMIs.

Robust technology

small non coding RNA

Independent of your input amount -- go down to 10 pg small RNA as a starting amount.

Raise your quality output

small RNA library preparation for Illumina

Get the best of your data -- use our designed bioinformatics pipeline and guidelines. We provide everything you need to greatly simplify your analysis.

Discover miRMaster : your bioinformatics tool for miRNA

Diagenode has collaborated with Andreas Keller and Tobias Fehlmann to develop a new bioinformatics pipeline in order to allow novel miRNA prediction.
miRMaster is a comprehensive analysis online free tool for NGS miRNA samples.

  • Characteristics
    • Truest representation: UMIs with ligation-free protocol ensures the most representative and unbiased data
    • Ultra-low input capability: down to 10 pg for small RNAs and 100 pg for total RNAs
    • High library complexity: obatin a realistic representation of your small RNA transcriptome
    • Optimal performance on clinical samples: validated with circulating RNA from liquid biopsies
    • Easy to use with minimal hands-on time: one day, one tube protocol
    • Highest sequencing quality: minimized PhiX spike-in quantity required

  • Single Indexes

    D-Plex Single Indexes are not included in the kit. Two sets are available separately:

  • Data Analysis

    A specific bioinformatics pipeline has been developed to process the special sequences present in the D-Plex construct, namely the UMI, the polyA tail, and the template switch motif. All guidelines and free softwares are shared in the user manual. Subject to the compatibility of D-Plex construct, other specific pipelines can be used.

    small RNA sequencing bioinformatics pipeline

  •  Documents
    D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit - User manual MANUAL
    Get the small RNA-sequencing user manual to know more about the D-Plex protocol by click...
    D-Plex Small RNA-seq library preparation solution FLYER
    True and accurate RNA-seq: Utilize the power of UMIs without ligation
  •  Safety sheets
    D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit x24 for Illumina SDS GB en Download
    D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit x24 for Illumina SDS US en Download
    D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit x24 for Illumina SDS DE de Download
    D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit x24 for Illumina SDS JP ja Download
    D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit x24 for Illumina SDS BE nl Download
    D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit x24 for Illumina SDS BE fr Download
    D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit x24 for Illumina SDS FR fr Download
    D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit x24 for Illumina SDS ES es Download
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    Genes with 5′ terminal oligopyrimidine tracts preferentially escapeglobal suppression of translation by the SARS-CoV-2 NSP1 protein
    Shilpa, Rao and Ian, Hoskins and P., Daniela Garcia and Tori, Tonn andHakan, Ozadam and Elif, Sarinay Cenik and ProfileCan, Cenik
    Viruses rely on the host translation machinery to synthesize their own proteins. Consequently, they have evolved varied mechanisms to co-opt host translation for their survival. SARS-CoV-2 relies on a non-structural protein, NSP1, for shutting down host translation. Despite this, it is currently unknown how viral pr...

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