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D-Plex Total RNA-seq Kit for Illumina

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Total RNA-seq library prep kit for Illumina

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D-Plex Total RNA-seq Library Preparation Kit is a tool designed for the study of the whole coding and non-coding transcriptome. The kit is using the D-Plex technology to generate directional libraries for Illumina sequencing directly from total RNAs, mRNAs that has already been enriched by poly(A) selection, or RNAs that has already been depleted of rRNAs.

The D-Plex technology utilizes two innovative ligation-free mechanisms - poly(A) tailing and template switching - to produce sequencing libraries from ultra-low input amounts, down to 50 pg for total RNAs, mRNAs or rRNA-depleted RNAs. Combined with unique molecular identifiers (UMI), this complete solution delivers a high-sensitivity detection method for comprehensive analysis of the transcriptome. It accurately measures gene and transcript abundance and captures the widest possible diversity of RNAs, including known and novel features in coding and non-coding RNAs.

D-Plex Total RNA-seq Kit offers a time saving protocol that can be completed within 5 hours and requires minimal hands-on time. The library preparation takes place in a single tube, increasing the efficiency tremendously. This new solution has been extensively validated for both intact and highly degraded RNA samples, including that derived from FFPE preparations.

D-Plex Total RNA-seq Kit includes all buffers and enzymes necessary for the library preparation. Specific D-Plex Unique Dual Indexes were designed and validated to fit the D-Plex technology and are available separately:

Greater sensitivity to detect novel transcripts

total RNA kit

D-Plex Total RNA-seq kit enables great transcript detection, even when starting from very low RNA inputs or working with challenging FFPE samples. Increased number of transcripts detected at 1x coverage is an indicator of greater sensitivity.

Highest diversity to facilitate biomarker discovery

total RNA diversity

D-Plex Total RNA-seq libraries capture efficiently all RNA biotypes present in the sample of interest, both coding and non-coding RNAs or small and long RNAs.

Consistent expression profiling across a wide range of RNA inputs

total RNA

Transcript expression profiling obtained with D-Plex Total RNA-seq kit is conserved, keeping transcript diversity even for the lowest RNA inputs.

Superior library complexity at low RNA inputs

total RNA

Correlation analysis of the transcriptome indicates superior transcript expression correlation between low and high RNA inputs. This result demonstrates that D-Plex is an ideal solution for challenging samples such as FFPE preparations.

Product Features

  • Enjoy an innovative technology with template switching and UMI
  • Get high sensitivity data even on picogram inputs and challenging samples
  • Capture the widest possible diversity of RNAs for rich content
  • Obatin precise measurement of strand orientation for anti-sense transcription detection
  • Enjoy a fast, easy, single tube protocol

  • Indexes

    Specific D-Plex indexes were designed and validated to fit the D-Plex technology for Illumina sequencing and are not included in the kit. They can be bought separately according to your needs. Please choose the format that suits you best among the compatible references to:

    The use of UDI is highly recommended to mitigate errors introduced by read misassignment, including index hopping frequently observed with patterned flow cells such as Illumina’s NovaSeq system.

  • Data analysis

    A specific bioinformatics pipeline has been developed to process the special sequences present in the D-Plex construct, namely the UMI, the A-tail, and the template switch motif. All guidelines and free softwares are shared in the user manual. Subject to the compatibility of D-Plex constructs, other specific pipelines can be used.

    Small RNA seq Bioinformatics pipeline

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