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D-Plex Small RNA-seq Library Prep Kit x24

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D-Plex Small RNA-seq library prep kit for Illumina

Diagenodeの最新のRNA-seqイノベーションD-Plexは、RNAライブラリー調製の際にライゲーション不要な方法を提供するtemplate-switching技術に基づいています。多様なsmall RNA種(miRNA、piRNA、tRNA、 siRNA)に対応し、バイアスを最小化。 このソリューションにより、NGS用Illumina®互換のDNAライブラリーを低インプット量から作成し、最小限のPhiXスパイクイン量で、最も代表的な結果が期待できます。

D-Plex small RNAソリューションは、10 pg〜10 ngの濃縮small RNA(またはトータルRNA100 pg〜100 ng)向けに最適化されており、UMIを含む最新のTSO(Template-Switch Oligonucleotides)テクノロジーが含まれています。 このキットは、データの最大限活用を目的として、本キットと同時開発された新しいバイオインフォマティクスツールもご覧ください。

Focused on your target

D-Plex: the highest yield technology to detect every kind of small RNA simultaneously (miRNA, snRNA, piRNA, …)

Get rich content

One day to enrich your sample with a large variety of small RNAs in one tube. Identify your reads accurately with UMIs.

Robust technology

Independent of your input amount -- go down to 10 pg small RNA as a starting amount.

Raise your quality output

Get the best of your data -- use our designed bioinformatics pipeline and guidelines. We provide everything you need to greatly simplify your analysis.

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  • インデックス

    Indexes are not included in the kit, you can choose between two compatible sets of 24 Single Indexes (SI):

  • データ解析

    Bioinformatics guidelines

    A specific pipeline and script have been developed with the integration of UMI and our template-switch oligo. All guidelines and free softwares are shared in the user manual. Subject to the compatibility of D-Plex construct, other specific pipelines can be used.

    small RNA sequencing bioinformatics pipeline

  • フィギュア

    Small non-coding RNAs

    Figure 1. Catch all kind of small non coding RNAs with D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit.


    Figure 2. Biotyping. Relative abundance of each small RNA type captured in the library out of the total amount of small RNA. (RNA transcripts annotated in Ensembl). "misc_RNA" means "miscellaneous RNA" containing piRNA and siRNA (among others) not included in Ensembl database yet.

    Low inputs correlation

    Figure 3. Correlation between 2 different starting amounts using D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit. 10 ng and 10 pg of small RNA were isolated for ncRNA detection at TPM ≥2. r = 0.97 (red line). Ideal correlation is represented by the blue line.

    Sequencing output quality

    Figure 4. D-Plex validated on NovaSeq system (100 nt SE reads). Starting sample: 100 pg RNA isolated from human serum.

  •  資料
    D-Plex Small RNA-seq Kit - User manual MANUAL
    Get the small RNA-sequencing user manual to know more about the D-Plex protocol by click...
    D-Plex Small RNA-seq library preparation solution FLYER
    True and accurate RNA-seq: Utilize the power of UMIs without ligation
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