iDeal ChIP-qPCR Kit

24 rxns

Diagenode’s iDeal ChIP-qPCR kit is a highly optimized and validated solution for ChIP-qPCR assays for either histones or transcription factors. The iDeal ChIP-qPCR kit, in conjunction with our validated ChIP-grade antibodies, provides excellent, reproducible results. The complete kit contains everything you need for start-to-finish ChIP including all validated buffers and reagents for chromatin shearing, immunoprecipitation, and DNA isolation for exceptional ChIP-qPCR results.

The iDeal ChIP-qPCR kit uses a unique and fast method for DNA isolation and decrosslinking within 30 minutes compared to the standard 4 hours. Overall, easy to use and rapid protocol allows to receive the results within 20 hours with 4 hours hands-on time. 

Recommended amount of material per IP using the iDeal ChIP-qPCR kit:


Transcription factors


100,000 to 1 million cells 

4 million cells


1.5 mg to 5 mg

30 mg



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