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biomarker discovery
with epigenomics

Hologic Diagenode, your trusted partner with
20 years of epigenomics experience

Learn how we can help you

By partnering with Hologic Diagenode, you will benefit from:

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A new dimension: Epigenomics

By combining the latest developments in epigenomics with clinical samples, we are creating new tools to bring you deeper understanding and profound insights that move your project forward.

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Expertise in cutting-edge technology

Achieve accurate and reliable results through our experience with advanced biomarker-discovery techniques, methodologies and platforms that best match your specific project.

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Greater efficiency for translational research

Shorten timelines for translational research and biomarker validation prior to clinical trials with the powerful combination of our epigenomics and bioinformatics services.

Seeking help to design a project or choose the right technology and analysis pipeline?

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Our process

Diagenode is your gateway to epigenomics

Our comprehensive approach can be tailored to create an end-to-end service that matches your specific needs. Below is a sampling of our core technologies that help you discover new insights through epigenomics to accelerate your biomarker discovery and validation for early detection, patient screening, MRD and much more.

Read about how we helped Universal Diagnostics


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