The identification of reliable predictive or diagnostic biomarkers is crucial for biomedical research. Recent evidence shows that exosomes, small vesicles that are excreted into the extracellular environment, are excellent disease biomarker candidates as they contain specific biological material including microRNAs (miRNAs) and proteins involved in intercellular communication.

Diagenode has developed specific tools for the most efficient exosome capture from liquid biopsies and biofluids. 

Benefits of our optimal exosome capture solutions 

Pure exosome capture - zero contamination from vesicles or aggregates. No ultracentrifugation needed.

  • High yields from exosome pre-enrichment
  • Global and specific exosome isolation options
  • Broad applications - RNA and microRNA (miRNA) analysis, protein analysis, Western blot, ELISA, flow cytometry
  • Guaranteed results with high level of validation
  • Fully compatible with small RNA (miRNA) CATS Small RNA-Seq library prep


microRNAs highlighted after exosomes isolation

MicroRNA differential expression analysis was performed on RNA-seq data from RNA isolated from exosomes captured from HEK293T cell culture supernatant and total RNA isolated from HEK293T cells.

The RNA libraries were prepared using the small RNA (microRNA) CATS RNA-Seq library prep protocol. Reference genomes were obtained from the UCSC genome browser.

We observed several upregulated and downregulated microRNAs between exosomes isolated from cell culture supernatant and total HEK293T cells.

- Upregulated microRNA including miR7704, mirR4532, miR6087, miR4497, miR3687, miR19a-3p

- Downregulated microRNAs including miR663a, miR4454, miR222-3p, miR196b-5p, miR10a-5p

CATS Small RNA seq-Kit CaptEV serum plasma EVCleaner ExoIP Composite Kit


C28030001-10 CaptEV cell culture
CaptEV is a pre-enrichement reagent that concentrates all extracellular vesicules of cell culture supernatant to ensure optimal isolation and purif...
10 ml $265.00
C28030002-10 CaptEV serum/plasma
CaptEV is a pre-enrichement reagent that concentrates all extracellular vesicules of serum or plasma blood samples to ensure optimal isolation and ...
10 ml $265.00
C28020001-1 EVCleaner
EVCleaner size exclusion columns ensure efficent separation of extracellular vesicules from unwanted size components in sample.
1 pc


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