Chromatin studies

Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) is a method used to determine the location of genome binding sites for a specific protein of interest, giving invaluable insights into the regulation of gene expression. ChIP involved the selective enrichment of a chromatin fraction containing a specific antigen. Antibodies that recognize a specific protein or protein modification are used to determine the relative abundance of the antigen at specific loci. ChIP-seq and ChIP-qPCR are techniques that allow the identification of protein-DNA binding sites.

The ChIP workflow

Products for chromatin study

Efficient solution for protein-protein fixation. Read more

  Chromatin shearing
Perfectly sheared chromatin is critical for ChIP success. 
Read more about reagent optimization. 
Read more about Bioruptor sonication.

  Chromatin immunoprecipitation
Immunoprecipitation solutions for histone and transcription factor ChIP-qPCR and ChIP-seq for low inputs, plants, and animals including automated solutionsRead more

ChIPmentation, an exclusive technology, is an end-to-end ChIP-seq solution for low and difficult inputs. Read more

  ChIP and ChIP-seq antibodies
ChIP-grade antibodies are essential for success. Learn more

  Primer pairs
Highly specific primer pairs for the amplification of the specific genomic regions. Read more

  DNA purification
Read more about solutions for DNA purification

  Library preparation for ChIP-seq
Optimized solutions for the library preparation from low DNA input. Read more

  ChIP and ChIP-seq automation
Reproducibility, optimization simplicity, no variability. Learn more

  Chromatin assembly products
Study the nucleosome environment. 
Learn more

Chromatin resources


Application notes

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C01080002 ATAC-seq kit
24 rxns $1,745.00

Chromatin shearing

Chromatin immunoprecipitation


C01011011 µChIPmentation for Histones
The Diagenode µChIPmentation Kit for Histones is optimized to perform ChIP-seq on as little as 10.000 cells from cell fixation to purified libraries. T...
24 rxns $2,400.00
C01011031 24 SI for ChIPmentation
Contact us The 24 SI for ChIPmentation includes 24 single primer indexes completing the TAG Kit for ChIPmentation. This set of indexes allows for...
24 indexes $195.00
C01011032 SI for Tagmented libraries
The 24 SI for tagmented libraries includes 24 single primer indexes for multiplexing up to 24 samples. The primer indexes of the 24 SI Tagmented libraries ar...
24 SI $185.00
C01011033 SI for Tagmented libraries
8 SI $75.00
C01011000 Auto ChIPmentation Kit for Histones
Contact us This product must be used with the IP-Star Compact Automated System. Diagenode’s latest technology for histone ChIP-seq, ...
24 rxns
C01011010 ChIPmentation Kit for Histones
Contact us Difficult and challenging histone ChIP-seq is now solved. Diagenode’s latest technology for histone ChIP-seq, ChIPmentation ...
24 rxns
C01011030 TAG Kit for ChIPmentation
Contact us Tagmentation is a reaction where an enzyme (a transposase) cleaves DNA and incorporates sequencing adaptors at the ends of the DNA fra...
24 rxns $1,050.00


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    Antibody package for CUT&Tag (anti-mouse)
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    Antibody package for CUT&Tag (anti-rabbit)
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    iDeal CUT&Tag kit for Histones
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    pA-Tn5 Transposase - loaded
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    pA-Tn5 Transposase - unloaded
  • Mouse IgG
    Rabbit IgG



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