PARP1-SNAI2 transcription axis drives resistance to PARP inhibitor,Talazoparib.

Ding X. et al.

The synthetic lethal association between BRCA deficiency and poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibition supports PARP inhibitor (PARPi) clinical efficacy in BRCA-mutated tumors. PARPis also demonstrate activity in non-BRCA mutated tumors presumably through induction of PARP1-DNA trapping. Despite pronounced clinical response, therapeutic resistance to PARPis inevitably develops. An abundance of knowledge has been built around resistance mechanisms in BRCA-mutated tumors, however, parallel understanding in non-BRCA mutated settings remains insufficient. In this study, we find a strong correlation between the epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) signature and resistance to a clinical PARPi, Talazoparib, in non-BRCA mutated tumor cells. Genetic profiling demonstrates that SNAI2, a master EMT transcription factor, is transcriptionally induced by Talazoparib treatment or PARP1 depletion and this induction is partially responsible for the emerging resistance. Mechanistically, we find that the PARP1 protein directly binds to SNAI2 gene promoter and suppresses its transcription. Talazoparib treatment or PARP1 depletion lifts PARP1-mediated suppression and increases chromatin accessibility around SNAI2 promoters, thus driving SNAI2 transcription and drug resistance. We also find that depletion of the chromatin remodeler CHD1L suppresses SNAI2 expression and reverts acquired resistance to Talazoparib. The PARP1/CHD1L/SNAI2 transcription axis might be therapeutically targeted to re-sensitize Talazoparib in non-BRCA mutated tumors.

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July, 2022


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