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Diagenode’s Auto iDeal ChIP-qPCR Kit is a highly optimized automated solution for ChIP-qPCR assays. The kit is compatible for use on the IP-Star Compact Automated System. The Auto iDeal ChIP-qPCR Kit provides high yields with excellent specificity and sensitivity as well as unmatched reproducibility with true walk-away automation on the IP-Star.  Use the Auto iDeal ChIP-qPCR Kit with our ChIP-grade antibodies for highest quality data.

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  • Characteristics
    • Optimized protocol on the IP-Star Compact  for reproducible ChIP-qPCR results
    • Shorter protocol - DNA purification module takes only 30 minutes reducing time from the standard 5 hours
    • Ideal for histone and non-histone proteins – Use 1 million cells for histone marks or 4 million cells for transcription factors. The protocol allows the use of fewer cells per IP. The minimum number of cells will depend on the abundance of the protein in your sample.
    • Suitable for cells and for tissues samples – For tissues, use 7 mg per IP for histone marks or 30 mg per IP for transcription factors. The protocol allows the use of less tissue per IP. The minimum amount of tissue will depend on the abundance of the protein in your sample.

    Chromatin immunoprecipitation analysis using control H3K4me3 and CTCF antibodies:
    ChIP was performed on IP-Star Compact Automated System using the Auto iDeal ChIP-qPCR Kit, the antibodies (A) anti-H3K4me3 (Diagenode, Cat. no. C15410003) and (B) anti-CTCF (Diagenode, Cat. no. C15410210) . Sheared chromatin from 1 million (A) and 4 million (B) cells human HeLa cells, 1 µg of the positive control antibody and 1 µg of the negative IgG control (Diagenode, Cat. no. C15410206) were used per IP. The qPCR reactions were performed using primers for specific positive and negative loci. The figure shows the recovery expressed as a percentage of input (the relative amount of immunoprecipitated DNA compared to input DNA after qPCR analysis). Error bars represent the standard deviation of at least 2 biological repetitions .

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    iDeal ChIP qPCR Kit manual MANUAL
    Diagenode’s iDeal ChIP-qPCR Kit is a highly optimized solution for ChIP-qPCR assays. Two ve...
    iDeal ChIP qPCR Kitマニュアル マニュアル
    DiagenodeのiDeal ChIP-qPCRキットは、ChIP-qPCRアッセイ用に最適化されたソリューションです。 このキットは優れた特異性と感度で高い収量を可能にします。 私たちの高度...
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    Wang G. et al.
    The incidence rate of thyroid carcinoma ranks ninth among human malignancies, and it accounts for the most frequent malignancy in endocrine-related tumors. This study aimed to investigate the role of long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) ZFAS1 in the metastasis of papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) and the potential molecular ...


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