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  • Utilize our expertise: 10 years of experience in ChIP-Seq and official partner of IHEC-BLUEPRINT Epigenome Consortia
  • Customized support to match your needs
  • Dedicated in-house expert coordinates your project
  • High quality data with ENCODE standards
  • Results provided within 8-10 weeks (standard project)

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Chr Shearing

Chromatin shearing

  • Chromatin shearing using Bioruptor® technology
  • Isothermal chromatin shearing, preservation of epitopes
  • Homogeneous fragment size distribution
  • More than 2,000 Bioruptor citations in peer-reviewed publications


Chromatin Immunoprecipitation

  • Choice of 200 ChIP & ChIP-Seq grade antibodies
  • Sample automation enables reproducibility
  • inputs from as little as 10,000 cells/IP
  • Optimized ChIP protocols maximize signal to noise ratio

Library Prep

Library Preparation and Sequencing

  • Optimized library preparation for low amounts of DNA (50pg)
  • Minimal PCR amplification to reduce bias
  • Outstanding sequencing results (high coverage, low duplicates)
  • Rapid run available for shorter turnaround time

Full suite of bioinformatic analysis

Analysis Features Benefits
Standard • Read filtering and trimming
• Read specific alignment
• Enrichment specific peak calling
• QC metrics
• Basis of all analysis
• Clear and easy to understand
• Instant evaluation of data set
• Provides flexibility for your desired downstream analysis
Comparative • Multi-sample cross-comparison
• Comparison with reference
• Differential peak calling with normalization
• Best quality assessment using comparisons with highly reliable reference data sets
• Multi-sample comparison allows decisive determination of similarities and differences (e.g. between healthy and tumor cells)
Custom • Tailored to your project needs
• Options include
- Peak profiling
- Pathway analysis
- Visualization of regions of interest
- Annotation - Custom graph (publication-ready)
...and much more
• Your unique project gets its unique analysis
• No need for your own bioinformatician
• Our expert consultation and analysis is customized for your project
• You name your requirements -- we deliver!

Different histone marks generate distinct ChIP-seq profiles, which require tailored peak calling. The above profiles were derived from 1.000.000 HeLa cells with antibodies against H3K4me3 (top), H3K27ac (middle) and H3K27me3 (bottom).


  • Workshop on Chromatin Proteomics
    Crete, Greece
    Oct 3-Oct 8, 2016
  • 2nd Annual Next Generation Sequencing Congress
    Boston, USA
    Oct 3-Oct 4, 2016
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