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Chromatin Profiling Services

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Promo packages available for:

Accepted species
Accepted sample types
  • H3K4me3
  • H3K4me1
  • H3K27me3
  • H3K27ac
  • CTCF
  • Human
  • Mouse
  • Rat
  • Cells
  • Tissues (upon consultation)

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  • What is included in the promo services package?
    • Shearing optimization (two shearing conditions tested)
    • Chromatin immunoprecipitation
    • Validation by qPCR on a positive and a negative control region
    • Library preparation on ChIP sample and input
    • Sequencing (average of 30-50M raw reads, SE50 on Illumina HiSeq3000/4000)
    • Bioinformatic analysis including:
      • QC of raw reads with trimming and filtering if necessary
      • Filtering of black-listed regions
      • Alignment of quality filtered reads to reference genome
      • Removal of multimapping reads and PCR duplicates to provide uniquely aligned reads
      • Peak calling that identifies the regions with enrichment in the IP sample normalized to the input

Chromatin consists of DNA, histones and non-histone proteins. In forming chromatin, DNA is tightly wrapped around histones. Generally, more highly condensed chromatin is less accessible to transcription factors and other DNA binding proteins to access DNA, which has consequences for gene expression. Understanding the roles of histones and transcription factors is critical in understanding the regulation of gene expression.

Using ChIP-seq analysis, it is possible to profile histone modifications and transcription factor binding genome-wide to understand the regulation of gene expression in disease or in response to a drug treatment. Diagenode’s Epigenomic Profiling Services offer a wide variety of chromatin analysis options through ChIP-seq and ATAC-seq.


ATAC-seq: closed/open chromatin regions

Study genome-wide chromatin accessibility. Identify open chromatin sites and active regulatory elements such as promoter, enhancers, and insulators.

    • Nucleosome positioning
    • TF footprinting inference

ChIP-seq/ChIP-qPCR histone modifications on 10,000 cells

Post-translational modification of histones is implicated in the regulation of gene expression, necessitating the study of regulatory elements and their interacting proteins like active promoter and enhancer analysis. Profile genome-wide histone modifications by ChIP-seq analysis to understand transcriptional regulation

  • Active promoter profiling: H3K4me3 enrichment
  • Inactive promoter profiling: H3K27me3 enrichment
  • Enhancer profiling: H3K4me1 and H3K27ac enrichment in regulatory regions
  • Active gene body: H3K36me3

ChIP-seq/ChIP-qPCR Transcription Factors

Explore the effects of transcription factor binding through ChIP-seq analysis of a multitude of TFs including:

  • CTCF: transcriptional repressor and insulator activity
  • p300/CBP: histone acetyltransferase
  • Pol II, p53, and more
  • Epigenetic writers, readers, erasers
  • Nuclear receptors
  • Tumor suppressor genes

Custom NGS services

  • Low input libraries from picograms
  • Specific analyses
  • Complete customized project


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