µChIPmentation Kit for Histones

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The Diagenode µChIPmentation Kit for Histones is optimized to perform ChIP-seq on as little as 10.000 cells from cell fixation to purified libraries. To reduce DNA lost the number of sample transfer from tube to tube has been limited: during whole workflow - from cell fixation to library prurification - only 3 tubes per sample are used. Reduced number of steps, reduced number of sample transfer and ChIPmentation technology itself enable for efficient and robust ChIP-seq on limited amount of sample. The kit µChIPmentation for Histones includes all reagents for chromatin preparation, chromatin immunoprecipitation and library preparation using tagmentation. The primer indexes for multiplexing are not included in the kit and have to be purchase separately - read more.

Benefits of the µChIPmentation system for histone ChIP-seq

  • Easier and faster than classical ChIP-seq
  • Optimized for low input samples: as little as 10,000 cells
  • Protocol optimized for FACS-sorted cells
  • Validated for various histone marks
  • High quality sequencing data


  • Virtual ChIL-seq webinar
    Dec 8, 2021
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