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Small RNA-seq Service

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Small RNA-seq is the method of choice to investigate the regulatory network of small non-coding RNAs (<200 nt length), including but not limited to miRNA transcripts. It utilizes the proprietary technology D-Plex which ensures realistic representation of diverse small non-coding RNA transcripts with minimized bias. This approach is optimal for finding biomarkers from known transcripts and discover new RNA features.

Our Epigenomics Profiling Services assure a fully integrated service-workflow for generation of small RNA-seq libraries, multiplexed sequencing and data analysis. Serviced library preparation is based on a template-switching technology to produce Illumina compatible libraries enriched with the large variety of small non-coding RNAs.

High transcript diversity with small RNA-seq

  • Realistic representation of all small non-coding RNAs
  • Detection of novel transcripts and differentially-expressed small RNAs
  • Investigation of post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression
  • Leveraging the D-Plex technology
  • Working with ultra-low RNA inputs
  • Compatible with biological fluids

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  • Sample Requirements
    • Project size: no minimum
    • Sample type: total isolated RNA or small enriched RNA
    • Required quantities: minimum 100 pg of total RNA or 10 pg of small RNA
    • Shipment conditions: shipped in 1.5 mL or 0.5 mL tubes on dry ice
  • Services Workflow
    Small RNA-seq Service

    What our service includes

    1. RNA quality control
      • Determination of RIN value (RNA integration number)
      • Measurement of RNA concentration
    2. Library preparation
      • Capture and amplification by tailing and switching
      • Library construction
      • Quality control of libraries prior to sequencing
    3. Sequencing on Illumina platforms
      • 10-20 million raw reads per sample
    4. Data analysis (optional for additional fee)
      • Standard bioinformatic analysis
      • Advanced bioinformatic analysis
      • Data delivery of raw data and all generated files through fast and secure file transfer or hard drive upon request
  • Bioinformatics Analysis

    Standard bioinformatic analysis
    (optional for additional fee)

    Advanced bioinformatic analysis
    (optional for additional fee)

    • Demultiplexing, read quality control, trimming and filtering
    • Alignment to reference genome
    • Quantification of known transcripts

    Provided files:

    • Report with sequencing statistics
    • Raw data in FASTQ format
    • FastQC report
    • Alignment in BAM format
    • Un-normalized read counts
    • Differential expression analysis
    • Gene ontology terms analysis
    • Pathway analysis

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