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Diagenode uses proprietary ligation-free CATS-based technology for RNA-seq library preparation

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  • Ideal for low input samples including patient samples
  • Proven to detect more transcripts than any other commercial method
  • Full range of RNA-seq services including the quantification of known transcripts:
    • small RNA-seq (including small non-coding RNA like miRNA)
    • mRNA-seq
    • Long non-coding RNA-seq
    • Whole transcriptome sequencing

Plus, we offer unique and comprehensive RNA-seq analyses:

  • Alignment to reference genome and quantification of known genes and/or transcripts
  • Differential expression: differential expression testing between samples for genes and/or transcripts.
  • Gene ontology terms analysis: analysis of differentially expressed gene sets. Gene Ontology terms that are overrepresented in differentially expressed genes may indicate the underlying biological processes involved.
  • Pathway analysis: identification of biochemical pathways in which genes associated with differential expression may be overrepresented.

  • Results
    Unique CATS RNA-seq library preparation provides you with exceptional results
    Consistency and wide representation of the transcriptome

    All detected transcripts in CATS mRNA-seq vs NEBNext Ultra I directional library preparation Kit. No threshold has been set for the analysis. Input: 1 ng poly(A) RNA from human universal total RNA (Agilent, 740000). 36,245 transcripts found in both libraries.

    Broad overview of the transcriptome

    Biotypes* represented in the libraries CATS mRNA-seq vs NEBNext Ultra I directional RNA-seq Kit. TPM ≥2. Input: 1 ng, 10 ng poly(A) RNA from human universal total RNA (Agilent, 740000).

    * < 0.04% of total detected transcripts at this threshold is rRNA

    Ultra low inputs, excellent reproducibility

    Correlation between 2 different operators using CATS small RNA-seq Kit on two different inputs (100 pg vs 1 ng) for ncRNA detected at TPM ≥2

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    The Diagenode Epigenetics custom service POSTER
    Complete workflows for genome-scale DNA methylation and histone marks analysis Epigenetics is cr...
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