DNA methylation control package

Catalog Number
40 rxns

The DNA methylation control package includes one methylated and one unmethylated spike-in controls together with their corresponding qPCR primer sets for assessing the efficiency of your non-plant MeDIP experiments (Methylated DNA Immunoprecipitation) carried out with Diagenode’s MagMeDIP qPCR Kit and Auto MagMeDIP qPCR Kit.

Those spike-in controls are made from A. thaliana. Therefore, they can interfere with DNA samples derived from plant species.

CAUTION: These spike-in controls are compatible with Diagenode’s MagMeDIP qPCR Kit and Auto MagMeDIP qPCR Kit. However, those are not the ones directly provided in the kits. The spike-in controls provided in the kits are available separately with the DNA methylation control package V2.


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