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  • Instruments

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    Shearing Technologies

    Exceptional shearing and sonication of biological samples for any field of study Diagenode focuses on state-of-the-art preparation of high quality biological and chemical samples by developing the industry’s most advanced water bath sonicators and hydrodynamic devices. Our instruments are ideal for a number o... Learn more


    Diagenode offers a variety of end-to-end systems to streamline DNA methylation and chromatin immunoprecipitation workflows. Diagenode’s IP-Star® Compact is a simple, automated bench-top instrument that standardizes different epigenetics applications (i.e. ChIP, MeDIP or NGS Library preparation)... Learn more

  • Epigenomics data analysis service

    Epigenomic Services at Diagenode offers data analysis solutions for different application areas. These analysis services are open to everyone, whether you use our wet lab and sequencing service with us or not. ADVANTAGES The bioinformatics team works constantly to optimize pipelines to deliver biologically meaningful results within a short turnaround time Flexible and communicative team work in close collaboration with you to adapt to your analysis requirements We share the pipelines and parameters used with our customers We help you shape the methods section of your manuscripts We back up our internal servers daily... Learn more

  • Chromatin studies

    Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) is a method used to determine the location of genome binding sites for a specific protein of interest, giving invaluable insights into the regulation of gene expression. ChIP involved the selective enrichment of a chromatin fraction containing a specific antigen. Antibodies that recognize a specific protein or protein modification are used to determine the relative abundance of the antigen at specific loci. ChIP-seq and ChIP-qPCR are techniques that allow the identification of protein-DNA binding sites. The ChIP workflow Read more Step by step workflow Optimal so... Learn more

    Chromatin shearing

    The first step of ChIP - chromatin preparation - plays a key role in a succesful ChIP experiment. Each step of chromatin preparation (starting amount of material, cross-linking, cell lysis and chromatin shearing) has to be optimized, leading to a chromatin sample suitable for ChIP. A high quality chromatin sample ... Learn more

    Chromatin immunoprecipitation

    Diagenode offers a wide range of kits for chromatin immunoprecipitation, a method used to determine the location of DNA binding sites on the genome for a particular protein of interest. ChIP offers insight into the regulation of gene expression. This technique is now used in a variety of life science disciplines inc... Learn more


    ChIPmentation for high-quality and fast ChIP-seq library preparation Diagenode’s ChIPmentation technology, based on tagmentation, enables the integration of library preparation during ChIP itself using transposase and sequencing-compatible adaptors. Unlike standard library preparation techniques that ... Learn more

  • DNA methylation

    Understanding DNA methylation is critical for learning about control of transcription, genomic imprinting, embryonic development, and carcinogenesis. Diagenode proposes two main approaches to studying DNA methylation - bisulfite conversion with downstream sequencing or qPCR and immunoprecipitation (IP). Diagenode Product Solutions Study methylation with single base-resolution Does sequencing cost play a role? NO YES Premium WGBS Kit Premium RRBS Kit Generate bisulfite converted gDNA libraries ready for gDNA single or paired-end sequencing of the whole genome Generate bisulfite co... Learn more

    Bisulfite conversion

    Bisulfite modification of DNA is the most commonly used, "gold standard" method for DNA methylation studies providing single nucleotide resolution. This technology is based on the chemical conversion of unmethylated cytosine to uracil. Methylated cytosines are protected from this conversion allowing to determine... Learn more

    Methylated DNA Immunoprecipitation

    The Methylated DNA IP (MeDIP) is based on the affinity purification of methylated DNA using an antibody directed against 5-methylcytosine (5-mC) or 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC) in the case of hMeDIP. How it works In brief, Methyl DNA IP is performed as follows: Genomic DNA from cultured cells or tissues is prep... Learn more

    Hydroxymethylated DNA Immunoprecipitation

    The hydroxymethylated DNA IP (hMeDIP) is based on the affinity purification of methylated DNA using an antibody directed against 5-methylcytosine (5-hmC). How it works In brief, hydroxymethyl DNA IP is performed as follows: starting from sheared genomic DNA from cultured cells or tissues, the immunoselect... Learn more

    Methylbinding domain protein

    The MBD technology used in our MethylCap Kit is based on the very high affinity of a H6-GST-MBD fusion protein for methylated DNA. This protein consists of the methyl binding domain (MBD) of human MeCP2, as a C-terminal fusion with Glutathione-S-transferase (GST) containing an N-terminal His6-tag. The H6-GST-MBD fus... Learn more

  • Semi-automation
  • Cell culture
  • Genome editing (CRISPR/Cas9)

    CRISPR/Cas9 The CRISPR/Cas genome editing system uses a RNA-guided endonuclease to introduce site-directed double-strand breaks (DSBs) in DNA. The endonuclease Cas9 can be used for DNA cleavage at specific sites defined by guide RNAs and has been adopted as a technology of choice for genome engineering. Cas9-mediated cleavage relies on the presence of a protospacer adjacent motif (PAM) in the target DNA. The Non Homologous End Joining (NHEJ) DNA repair pathway plays a role in repairing Cas9-induced DSBs. As the repair is prone to errors, insertions and deletions (indels) may occur that subsequently disrupt gene function. DSBs m... Learn more

    Cas9 Nuclease protein

    The CRISPR/Cas genome editing system consists of a “guide” RNA (gRNA) and the Cas9 endonuclease. The gRNA is comprised of a synthetic RNA with a “scaffold” sequence to which Cas9 binds as well as a user-selected ∼20 nucleotide “targeting” sequence for the genomic target to be ... Learn more

    Selection of guide RNA by ChIP

    While a number of computational tools help design sgRNAs to target specific loci, the accurate prediction of whether Cas9 and the sgRNA of interest will bind specifically to the genome is still a challenge. In order to ensure specific targeting of CRISPR/Cas9, the verification of the specific binding of the sgRNA a... Learn more

  • Kits

    Diagenode’s epigenetic reagents include: DNA methylation kits and antibodies - Validated NGS-compatible kits for MeDIP, MBD pull-down, whole genome bisulfite sequencing, and reduced representation bisulfite sequencing. Official provider for the original clone for 5-mC 33D3. ChIP and ChIP-seq kits for industry-leading specificity and sensitivity - MicroChIP/MicroPlex Kit for ChIP-seq with only 10,000 cells and the iDeal ChIP-seq Kits optimized for both transcription factors and histones. Our kits feature full reagents for ChIP-seq including control primers, control antibodies, magnetics beads, and purification r... Learn more

  • Antibodies

    Since 2004 Diagenode has been the most trusted supplier for epigenetics-focused antibodies. We understand that high quality is crucial for the success of your ChIP and ChIP-seq experiments, so we emphasize strict quality standards and actual validation for all of our antibodies. Our partnerships with leading epigenetics experts and epigenetics consortiums such as BLUEPRINT have allowed us to validate our antibodies to the highest degree, guaranteeing specificity, reproducibility, and success for each and every ChIP assay. In addition, unlike competing suppliers, we are fully transparent with our validation and provide all batch-s... Learn more

    All antibodies

    All Diagenode’s antibodies are listed below. Please, use our Quick search field to find the antibody of interest by target name, application, purity. Diagenode’s highly validated antibodies: Highly sensitive and specific Cost-effective (requires less antibody per reaction) Batch-specific data is av... Learn more

    Sample size antibodies

    Validated epigenetics antibodies – care for a sample?  Diagenode has partnered with leading epigenetics experts and numerous epigenetics consortiums to bring to you a validated and comprehensive collection of epigenetic antibodies. As an expert in epigenetics, we are committed to offering highly-spe... Learn more

    Premium Antibodies

    The scientific community trusts Diagenode’s antibodies BLUEPRINT, a part of the IHEC consortium is a large-scale research project which involves 42 leading European universities, research institutes, and industry entrepreneurs. The project aims to generate 100 reference epigenomes of distinct ty... Learn more

    ChIP-seq grade antibodies

    Unparalleled ChIP-Seq results with the most rigorously validated antibodies Diagenode provides leading solutions for epigenetic research. Because ChIP-seq is a widely-used technique, we validate our antibodies in ChIP and ChIP-seq experiments (in addition to conventional methods like Western blot, Dot blot, ELISA, ... Learn more

    ChIP-grade antibodies

    Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) is a technique to study the associations of proteins with the specific genomic regions in intact cells. One of the most important steps of this protocol is the immunoprecipitation of targeted protein using the antibody specifically recognizing it. The quality of antibodies us... Learn more

    Western Blot Antibodies

    We have what you need for a successful Western blot!Western blots require multiple steps - sample preparation, sample loading, electrophoresis, protein transfer, antibody incubation, and signal detection - so it is important to be sure that each step is done correctly.For a successful Western blot we offer:Loading c... Learn more

    Chromatin associated proteins

    Diagenode’s large range of highly validated antibodies includes the antibodies to study chromatin-associated proteins. These antibodies have been thoroughly validated for many applications (ChIP, ChIP-seq, WB, IF, ELISA, Dot blot, IHC, IP). Check out all of our highly sensitive and specific antibodies for chro... Learn more

    Histone modifying enzymes

    Diagenode offers the large number of antibodies raised against histone modifying enzymes. The list below includes the antibodies against enzymes like: histone deacetylases, histone demethylases, histone transferases. Diagenode’s highly validated antibodies: Highly sensitive and specific Cost-effective (re... Learn more

    CRISPR/Cas9 antibodies

    The CRISPR/Cas genome editing system uses a RNA-guided endonuclease technology which allows for inducing indel mutations, specific sequence replacements or insertions and large deletions or genomic rearrangements at any desired location in the genome. In addition, this technology, can also be used to mediate up- or ... Learn more

    Isotype controls

    Diagenode offers the negative Ctrl IgG from rabbit, rat and mouse.  These extensively validated antibodies can be used as negative controls in ChIP, IF, hMeDIP or other experiments performed with specific antibodies made in rabbit, rat or mouse, respectively. Diagenode’s highly validated antibodies: H... Learn more

    DNA modifications

    The pattern of DNA modifications is critical for genome stability and the control of gene expression in the cell. Methylation of 5-cytosine (5-mC), one of the best-studied epigenetic marks, is carried out by the DNA methyltransferases DNMT3A and B and DNMT1. DNMT3A and DNMT3B are responsible for de novo DNA methylat... Learn more

    Histone antibodies

    Histones are the main protein components of chromatin involved in the compaction of DNA into nucleosomes, the basic units of chromatin. A nucleosome consists of one pair of each of the core histones (H2A, H2B, H3 and H4) forming an octameric structure wrapped by 146 base pairs of DNA. The different nucleosomes are l... Learn more


    The list of Diagenode’s highly specific antibodies for transcription studies includes the antibodies against many transcription factors and nuclear receptors.  Check the list below to see our targets. Diagenode’s highly validated antibodies:         Highly sen... Learn more

    Exclusive customized epigenetic antibodies

    For many years, Diagenode has acquired a strong and reliable experience in the production of custom epigenetic antibodies, allowing us to become one of the most reliable partner in several EU projects in this field of studies. Following our success in optimizing and developing our epigenetic antibody production proc... Learn more

  • NGS Library preparation

    Diagenode provides a complete portfolio of library preparation kits for Next-Generation Sequencing, covering RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, and DNA sequencing.  Our library preparation solutions can be used for low inputs, from as little as 10 pg of starting material. Our kits offer simple and fast workflows, high yields, and ready-to-sequence  DNA. Our solutions incorporate user-friendly protocols that even beginners can easily master upon the first use. Learn more

    Library preparation for ChIP-seq

    Library preparation following ChIP can be challenging due to the limited amount of DNA recovered after ChIP. Diagenode has developed the optimal solutions for ChIP-seq using two different approaches: the ligation-based library preparation on purified DNA or the tagmentation-based ChIPmentation. Pre-spri... Learn more

    Library preparation for RNA sequencing

    Diagenode technology utilizes the innovative capture and amplification by tailing and switching, a ligation-free method to produce DNA libraries for next generation sequencing from low input RNA. This solution is designed for an advanced researcher who has extensive experience with RNA sequencing. While simple... Learn more

    Library preparation for DNA sequencing

    Diagenode’s new DNA library preparation utilizes the innovative “capture and amplification by tailing and switching” (CATS), a ligation-free method to produce DNA libraries for next generation sequencing from low input amounts of DNA. Learn more

  • Exosomes

    The identification of reliable predictive or diagnostic biomarkers is crucial for biomedical research. Recent evidence shows that exosomes, small vesicles that are excreted into the extracellular environment, are excellent disease biomarker candidates as they contain specific biological material including microRNAs (miRNAs) and proteins involved in intercellular communication. Diagenode has developed specific tools for the most efficient exosome capture from liquid biopsies and biofluids.  Benefits of our optimal exosome capture solutions  Pure exosome capture - zero contamination from vesicles or aggrega... Learn more

  • Epigenomics Profiling Services

    Our Epigenomics Profiling Services assure the sample preparation expertise and quality data that you seek. We provide epigenome-wide analyses for understanding epigenetic mechanisms, epigenetics-related drug discovery, transgenerational epigenetics studies, epigenetic biomarker identification (including epigenomic cancer biomarkers), and functional epigenomics. Diagenode offers expert epigenomics services that you can trust for chromatin, DNA, and RNA analysis.  Chromatin analysis ChIP-seq analysis Histone modification Promoter analysis Enhancer analysis ChIP-seq analysis Transcription factor&nb... Learn more

    RNA-seq Profiling Services

    Our Epigenomics Profiling Services assure the sample preparation expertise and quality data that you seek. Our RNA sequencing service uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) to uncover the presence and quantity of RNA for gene expression profiling across the transcriptome. Diagenode specializes in generating RNA... Learn more

    DNA Methylation Profiling Services

    The pattern of DNA methylation and histone modification(s) plays an essential role in maintaining cellular function. Abnormal DNA methylation – hypermethylation and hypomethylation - can result in adverse outcomes such as cancer or other disease. The quantification of 5-mC through genome-wide DNA methylat... Learn more

    Chromatin Profiling Services

    Get excellent ChIP-seq data at an exceptional price - get a quote today Promo packages available for: Marks Accepted species Accepted sample types H3K4me3 H3K4me1 H3K27me3 H3K27ac CTCF Human Mouse Rat Cells Tissues (upon consultation) Tell us about your ... Learn more

  • Real time PCR master mix
  • Reagents

    Diagenode offers full and validated solutions for every step of your epigenetics sample preparation, making epigenetics research easy, accessible, and reliable. Beside our complete kit solutions please find here below an exhaustive list of all high quality reagents realated to your epigenetics research. Learn more


                                           Diagenode now offers a broad range of tools to study nucleosomes and histones, the structural and functional units of chromatin. We provide solutions for any architectural l... Learn more

    Beads, magnetic racks and accessories

    DiaMag beads and magnetic racks are intended for isolation of immune complexes in ChIP experiments or MeDIP experiments and have been extensively validated for these assays. The beads are compatible for immunoprecipitation of a number of IgGs and polyclonal antibodies across a number of species.   Learn more

    DNA/RNA purification

    Diagenode offers a variety of optimized DNA purification methods allowing for recovery of high quality DNA after chromatin immunoprecipitation or methylated DNA immunoprecipitation, essential for ideal results in downstream applications such as qPCR or next generation sequencing. Our purification technology in o... Learn more

    Primer pairs

    Our primer pairs have been carefully designed for high specificity to specific genomic regions. Primers have been tested and optimized to be used in a number of applications including DNA amplification after ChIP, ChIP-seq library validation, qPCR, and RT-qPCR.   Learn more

    Protein Extraction

    Diagenode offers optimized protein extraction kits for use with the Bioruptor® sonication devices. The Protein Extraction Kit and Protein Extraction Beads ensure efficient disruption and homogenization of tissues in combination with the Bioruptor®. Learn more


    Our yeast low copy BirA expression plasmids are designed for in vivo yeast biotinylation systems for sensitive detection of protein-DNA complexes using chromatin immunoprecipitaion. The constructs include a nuclear localisation signal. We also offer biotinylation tagging cassettes for C- and N- terminal tagging. Learn more


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