DNA/RNA purification

Diagenode offers a variety of optimized DNA purification methods allowing for recovery of high quality DNA after chromatin immunoprecipitation or methylated DNA immunoprecipitation, essential for ideal results in downstream applications such as qPCR or next generation sequencing. Our purification technology in our signature IPure kit utilizes a magnetic bead affinity method, enabling low input recovery from just 50 picograms as well as significantly greater yields than with column purification methods.

Furthermore, we provide RNA Extraction kits as well as FFPE DNA Extraction Kits for use with the Bioruptor® sonication devices.


Magnetic bead-based DNA purification

Cat. No.ProductFormatPrice
C03010010 Auto IPure kit v2
This product must be used with the IP-Star Compact Automated System. The DNA recovery after ChIP or MeDIP might be an issue for specific downstream applicat...
100 rxns $410.00
C03010015 IPure kit v2
Diagenode’s IPure kit is the only DNA purification kit using magnetic beads, that is specifically optimized for extracting DNA from&nb...
100 rxns $445.00

Column-based DNA purification

Cat. No.ProductFormatPrice
C03040001 MicroChIP DiaPure columns
Diagenode’s MicroChIP DiaPure columns have been optimized for the purification and elution of very low amounts of DNA. This rapid method has been val...
50 rxns $125.00

RNA Extraction

Cat. No.ProductFormatPrice
C20000010 RNA Extraction kit for Bioruptor Plus
The combination of the RNA extraction kit and the Bioruptor® Plus maintains the integrity of RNA and ensures maximum yield of RNA. Isolation of...
50 rxns $165.00

Phenol-chloroform based DNA purification

Cat. No.ProductFormatPrice
C03030001 DNA co-precipitant
This IP grade product is optimized to be used as carrier for DNA purification after chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and after methylated DNA immunopreci...
100 µl $45.00
C03030002 DNA precipitant
This IP grade product is used for the precipitation of DNA after chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and after methylated DNA immunoprecipitation (Methyl DN...
1 ml $40.00
C03030020 XL GenDNA Extraction Module
This module has been designed for the extraction of 60 µg of genomic DNA from cultured cells. The protocol and reagents allow you to perform 6 extracti...
6 rxns $135.00

Resin-based DNA purification

Cat. No.ProductFormatPrice
C03080030 DNA purifying slurry
The DNA purifying slurry can be used for easy and fast DNA purification and provides you with DNA suitable for qPCR analysis. If you need DNA of higher purit...
10 ml $165.00


Cat. No.ProductFormatPrice
C01010120 Elution Module
Optimized for for the elution of immunoprecipitated DNA bound to magnetic or agarose beads.
1 unit $150.00


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