Diagenode, the leading provider of complete solutions for epigenetic research, offers a variety of end-to-end systems to streamline DNA methylation and chromatin immunoprecipitation workflows. Central to this full offering is Diagenode’s IP-Star® Compact,a simple yet robust automated bench-top instrument that standardizes different epigenetic applications (i.e. ChIP, MeDIP or NGS Library preparation). Diagenode designed these automation assays to make epigenetic research accessible, reproducible, and consistent in every experiment.

The IP-Star® Compact replaces the numerous manual, error-prone steps of complex epigenetic applications with a reliable, highly consistent and automated process that requires minimal operator intervention. In addition, the IP-Star® Compact minimizes sample carryover, data variability, and costly errors. The platform offers full workflow support for epigenetic research, utilizing our complete kits and laboratory-validated protocols to rapidly deliver high-quality and consistent data.

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      IP-Star® Compact Automated System


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    May 13-May 14, 2016
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