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ChIPmentation Kit for Histones

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今まで難しいとされていたヒストンChIP-seqがもっとシンプルになります。 DiagenodeのヒストンChIP-seqの最新技術であるChIPmentationは、クロマチン免疫沈降とNGSライブラリー調製を組み合わせた、ライゲーションフリー、タグ化ベースのプロトコールです。ヒストンChIPmentationなら従来のヒストンChIP-seqに必要であった多段階ライゲーションを回避できます。また、今まで難しいとされていた低入力サンプルからのヒストンChIP-seqに対して、より簡単なプロトコール、より迅速な結果、そして優れた再現性を可能にします。

  • 特徴

    ChIPmentation is based on tagmentation that allows library preparation to be integrated during the ChIP itself using transposase and sequencing-compatible adaptors. ChIPmentation involves much easier and shorter protocol with high efficiency for low input samples using optimized ChIP and NGS sample preparation.

    Benefits of the ChIPmentation system for histone ChIP-seq

    • Easier and faster than classical ChIP-seq
    • Validated for various histone marks
    • Ideal for analysis of large cohorts of samples
    • Ideal for analysis of large number of marks on a unique sample
    • High quality sequencing data

    ChIPmentation - Highest reliability for even the lowest inputs

    The new histone ChIPmentation technology has been tested on histone marks and compared to available datasets from the ENCODE project (Figure 1). ChIPmentation generated high quality data with low background. In addition, more than 99% of the top 40% peaks obtained with auto-ChIPmentation overlap with ENCODE datasets, which shows that ChIP-seq data obtained with ChIPmentation are highly reliable.

    Figure 1: ChIPmentation sequencing results obtained from decreasing starting amounts of cells.
    Chromatin preparation has been performed on 7 M  K562 cells using the ChIPmentation Kit for Histones (Cat. no. C01011010). Diluted chromatin from 100.000, 10.000 and 5.000 cells was used for the immunoprecipitation with the Diagenode antibody targeting H3K4me3 (Cat. no. C15410003). A. Distribution of the ChIPmentation readsets in a representative region of the genome. B., C. and D. Comparison of the top 40% peaks from 100.000 (B.), 10,000 (C.) and 5.000 (D.) cells with ENCODE dataset.

    Figure 2: ChIPmentation sequencing results.
    Chromatin preparation has been performed on 7 M HeLa cells using the ChIPmentation Kit fro Histones. Diluted chromatin from 100.000 cells was used for the immunoprecipitation with the Diagenode antibody targeting H3K4me3 (Cat. no. C15410003) and H3K27me3 (Cat. no. C15410195) and IgG (Cat. no. C15410206).

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    Diagenode’s ChIPmentation technology, based on tagmentation, enables the integration of lib...
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