Regulatory interplay between Vav1, Syk and β-catenin occurs in lungcancer cells.

Boudria Rofia et al.

Vav1 exhibits two signal transducing properties as an adaptor protein and a regulator of cytoskeleton organization through its Guanine nucleotide Exchange Factor module. Although the expression of Vav1 is restricted to the hematopoietic lineage, its ectopic expression has been unraveled in a number of solid tumors. In this study, we show that in lung cancer cells, as such in hematopoietic cells, Vav1 interacts with the Spleen Tyrosine Kinase, Syk. Likewise, Syk interacts with β-catenin and, together with Vav1, regulates the phosphorylation status of β-catenin. Depletion of Vav1, Syk or β-catenin inhibits Rac1 activity and decreases cell migration suggesting the interplay of the three effectors to a common signaling pathway. This model is further supported by the finding that in turn, β-catenin regulates the transcription of Syk gene expression. This study highlights the elaborated connection between Vav1, Syk and β-catenin and the contribution of the trio to cell migration.

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October, 2021


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