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Join us for a webinar “3D Genome Folding and Its Impact on Gene Regulation & Disease” on May 13, 2021 at 11AM EST to learn from Anthony Schmitt, Ph.D., SVP of Science at Arima Genomics.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Why is the 3D genome important? The earth isn’t flat, and neither is the genome. Dive into 3D genomics and why it matters in gene regulation and disease research.
  • What tools can we use to understand the 3D genome? Learn about Hi-C, a popular technique within 3D genomics.
  • What kind of discoveries has Hi-C helped uncover? Learn about impactful discoveries that Hi-C has brought to oncology, immunology, neurology, cardiology, and other application areas. Start thinking about how Hi-C can bring new insights to your research.

About the speaker:

Anthony Schmitt joined Arima Genomics in 2016 and serves as the Senior Vice President of Science. He has led the development of the core Arima-HiC chemistry and technology platform since Arima’s inception, contributed to core inventions and technology development grants, and continues to lead their R&D programs for targeted chromosome conformation capture techniques such as HiChIP and Capture-HiC. Prior to Arima, Anthony received a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences from UC San Diego in the laboratory of Dr. Bing Ren and a B.S. in biology from University of Massachusetts Amherst. During his doctoral training, Anthony played roles in developing and applying Hi-C technologies, with notable contributions to our understanding of gene regulation in nearly 30 human tissues using Hi-C and Promoter Capture-HiC, developing target haplotyping methods for medically-relevant loci using Capture-HiC and HaploSeq, and developing PLAC-seq (also known as HiChIP) for discovering long-range gene regulatory interactions associated with specific chromatin proteins

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May, 2021
Webinar series: "3D Genome Folding and Its Impact on Gene Regulation & Disease" on May 13, 2021 at 5PM CET/11AM EST/8 AM PST to learn from Anthony Schmitt, Ph.D., SVP of Science at Arima Genomics.
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June, 2021
WORKSHOP: Virtual and intensive ChIP workshop, with a mix of lecture, demo, and activities to help you master the basics and more of ChIP-qPCR and ChIP-seq.
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