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ATAC-seq, Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin, followed by next generation sequencing, is a key technology for genome-wide mapping of accessible chromatin. The technology is based on the use of the transposase Tn5 which cuts exposed open chromatin and simultaneously ligates adapters for subsequent amplification and sequencing. ATAC-seq methods allow you to:

  •  Gain insight into gene regulation and understand open chromatin signatures
  •  Determine nucleosome positions at single nucleotide resolution
  •  Uncover transcription factor (TF) occupancy

Diagenode’s ATAC-seq kit is based on a highly validated protocol optimized for 50,000 cells per reaction. The kit includes the reagents for cell lysis and nuclei extraction, tagmentation and DNA purification as well as for library amplification. The primer indexes for multiplexing are not included in the kit and must be purchased separately.

ATAC-seq kit features:

  • Cell requirement: 50,000 cells / rxn
  • Robust protocol with high reproducibility between replicates and repetitive experiments
  • Easy and efficient DNA capture after the tagmentation reaction using Diagenode`s MicroChIP DiaPure columns (included)
  • Additional qPCR step to determine the number of cycles needed for library amplification:  
    • Avoids over-amplification
    • Allows adaptation/flexibility for more challenging samples to succeed with library prep.
    • Gives early indication if the experiment does not work (no qPCR amplification)

Looking for ATAC-seq on tissue? Please, go to: ATAC-seq package for tissue


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