Tagmentation Buffer (2x)

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Diagenode Tagmentation Buffer (2x) is the recommended reagent to perform any tagmentation reactions. It can be used in combination with Diagenode Tagmentase (Tn5 transposase) on DNA or chromatin samples, as half of the total volume reaction like in ATAC-seq protocol.

  • Examples of use

    ATAC-seq experiments:

    • After cell lysis and nuclei isolation, the nuclei pellets can be incubated with the following mix for 1 reaction:
    Tagmentation Buffer (2x) 25 µl
    Tagmentase loaded 2.5 µl
    Digitonin 1% 0.5 µl
    Tween20 10% 0.5 µl
    PBS 16.5 µl
    Nuclease-free water  5 µl
    Nuclei pellet*

    *  The number of nuclei per reaction will depend on the ATAC-seq experimental design. Successful tagmentation with the proposed protocol has been performed on 50,000 nuclei per reaction. 

    • The reaction is then incubated 30 minutes at 37°C.
    • The tagmentation reaction can then be stopped by addition of 250 µl of DNA Binding buffer from Diagenode MicroChIP DiaPure Columns (Cat. No. C03040001).
    • The tagmented libraries can then be purified using the MicroChIP DiaPure Columns (Cat. No. C03040001), and amplified.
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