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ATAC-seq Kit - Manual

Gene expression is carefully regulated in the cells in order to manage a wide range of biological functions. The structure of chromatin is quite dynamic and contributes to this crucial regulatory process.

ATAC-seq, Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin, followed by nextgeneration sequencing, is a key technology to easily identify the “open” regions of the chromatin, which are usually associated with permissive gene expression. Indeed, the nuclei of the samples are incubated with a transposase, and only the genomic regions associated with open chromatin will be accessible to this transposase. During the process those regions will be cut and sequencing adaptors will be added, allowing their sequencing. High-throughput sequencing will then detect peaks, in open regions of the chromatin only., giving a map of the chromatin status in the whole genome of the sample.

The Diagenode’s ATAC-seq kit is based on a highly validated protocol, used for years in our Epigenomics Profiling Services offer and takes advantage of many successful Diagenode’s tools, such as the loaded Tagmentase (Tn5 transposase), the MicroChIP DiaPure Columns and the Primer indexes for tagmented libraries kits.

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