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Genome-wide binding of transcription factors in inv(16) acute myelo...

Abstract: The inv(16) translocation is associated with 5% of AML cases and gives rise to expression of the oncofusion protein CBFβ-MYH11. Although different ... Read more »

Bioruptor Chromatin Shearing ChIP-seq
Studying Histone Modifications and Their Genomic Functions by Emplo...

Abstract: Histones are one of the most abundant and highly conserved proteins in eukaryotes. Apart from serving as structural entities for orderly compaction... Read more »

Bioruptor Chromatin Shearing ChIP-qPCR
Chromatin Environment of Histone Variant H3.3 Revealed by Quantitat...

Abstract: In contrast to canonical histones, histone variant H3.3 is incorporated into chromatin in a replication-independent manner. Posttranslational modif... Read more »
Transcriptional regulation of epidermal barrier formation.

Abstract: The mammalian epidermis is a self-renewing stratified squamous epithelium. Its basal cell layer contains proliferating keratinocytes that exit the ... Read more »

Bioruptor Chromatin Shearing ChIP-qPCR
Promoter DNA Methylation Patterns of Differentiated Cells Are Large...

Abstract: Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) isolated from various tissues share common phenotypic and functional properties. However, intrinsic molecular evidenc... Read more »
Mapping protein-DNA interactions using ChIP-sequencing.

Abstract: Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) allows enrichment of genomic regions which are associated with specific transcription factors, histone modific... Read more »

Bioruptor Chromatin Shearing ChIP-seq
Fast genomic muChIP-chip from 1,000 cells

Abstract: Genome-wide location analysis of histone modifications and transcription factor binding relies on chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assays. Thes... Read more »
Exome sequencing reveals new insights into the progression of abdom...

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is a multi-factorial disease and its underlying pathogenesis remains poorly understood. AIM: We aim t... Read more »

DNA shearing Bioruptor
Liver X receptor regulates hepatic nuclear O-GlcNAc signaling and c...

Abstract: Liver X receptor (LXR)α and LXRβ play key roles in hepatic de novo lipogenesis through their regulation of lipogenic genes, including sterol regula... Read more »

Bioruptor Chromatin Shearing
SNP Discovery and Genotyping for Evolutionary Genetics Using RAD Se...

Abstract: Next-generation sequencing technologies are revolutionizing the field of evolutionary biology, opening the possibility for genetic analysis at scal... Read more »

DNA shearing Bioruptor
Comparison of protein precipitation methods for various rat brain s...

Abstract: Sample preparation is a fundamental step in proteomic methodologies. The quality of the results from a proteomic experiment is dependent on the nat... Read more »

Bioruptor Tissue Homogenization
Clinical and public health research using methylated DNA immunoprec...

Abstract: The methylated DNA immunoprecipitation method (MeDIP) is a genome-wide, high-resolution approach that detects DNA methylation with oligonucleotide ... Read more »

DNA shearing Bioruptor MagMeDIP kit
High-throughput whole-genome sequencing of E14 mouse embryonic stem...

Abstract: Mouse E14 embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are the most used ESC line, often employed for genome-wide studies involving next generation sequencing analy... Read more »

DNA shearing Bioruptor
Deletion of the de novo DNA methyltransferase Dnmt3a promotes lung ...

Abstract: Alterations in DNA methylation have been associated with genome-wide hypomethylation and regional de novo methylation in numerous cancers. De novo ... Read more »

DNA shearing Bioruptor MagMeDIP kit IPure kit
Analysis of DNA methylation in plants by bisulfite sequencing.

Abstract: Methylation of cytosines is a very important epigenetic modification of genomic DNA in many different eukaryotes, and it is frequently involved in ... Read more »
Step-by-step preparation of proteins for mass spectrometric analysis.

Abstract: Nowadays, identification of proteins from biological samples by mass spectrometry is widely used. In principle there are two scenarios. Proteins ar... Read more »

Bioruptor Cell Lysis Mass Spectrometry Bioruptor Plus
Cell type of origin influences the molecular and functional propert...

Abstract: Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) have been derived from various somatic cell populations through ectopic expression of defined factors1–10. I... Read more »
Prenatal diagnosis of 21 trisomy by quantification of methylated fe...

Abstract: Background. The Down syndrome is a severe disease without pathogenic therapy. The only possibility to reduce the consequences of disease is prenata... Read more »

MagMeDIP kit
In Vivo ChIP for the Analysis of Microdissected Tissue Samples

Abstract: The development of chromatin immunoprecipitation assays (ChIP) as a tool to examine the interactions between nuclear proteins and DNA has enhanced ... Read more »

Bioruptor Chromatin Shearing ChIP-qPCR
Difference in Legionella pneumophila growth permissiveness between ...

Abstract: To elucidate the role of the oxidative burst in macrophage resistance to Legionella infection, we examined a murine macrophage-like cell line, J774... Read more »

Cell Lysis
Endosperm-specific chromatin profiling by fluorescence-activated nu...

Abstract: Cell-type-specific analysis of gene expression and chromatin profiling requires the isolation of discrete cell populations from complex pools. Howe... Read more »

Bioruptor Chromatin Shearing
Isolation of integrin-based adhesion complexes.

Abstract: The integration of cells with their extracellular environment is facilitated by cell surface adhesion receptors, such as integrins, which play impo... Read more »

Bioruptor Cell Lysis


  • IHEC Annual meeting 2022
    Quebec, Canada
    Oct 4-Oct 7, 2022
  • Danish RNA Society's 7th Annual Meeting on RNA
    Aarhus, Denmark
    Oct 11, 2022
  • ASHG 2022
    Los Angeles, California, USA
    Oct 25-Oct 29, 2022
  • International Conference on Epigenetics and Bioengineering 2022
    Houston, Texas, USA
    Oct 27-Oct 29, 2022
  • Long-Read Sequencing Meeting Uppsala LRUA22 Meeting
    Uppsala, Sweden
    Oct 31-Nov 2, 2022
  • Association for Molecular Pathology 2022
    Phoenix, Arizona, USA
    Nov 1-Nov 5, 2022
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