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Tissue-Specific In Vivo Biotin Chromatin Immunoprecipitation withSequencing in Zebrafish and Chicken

Lukoseviciute, Martyna and Ling, Irving T.C. and Senanayake, Upeka andCandido-Ferreira, Ivan and Taylor, Gunes and Williams, Ruth M. andSauka-Spengler, Tatjana

Chromatin immunoprecipitation with sequencing (ChIP-seq) has been instrumental in understanding transcription factor (TF) binding during gene regulation. ChIP-seq requires specific antibodies against desired TFs, which are not available for numerous species. Here, we describe a tissue-specific biotin ChIP-seq protocol for zebrafish and chicken embryos which utilizes AVI tagging of TFs, permitting their biotinylation by a co-expressed nuclear biotin ligase. Subsequently, biotinylated factors can be precipitated with streptavidin beads, enabling the user to construct TF genome-wide binding landscapes like conventional ChIP-seq methods.

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July, 2020


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