iDeal ChIP-FFPE Kit

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The iDeal ChIP-FFPE Kit provides a unique and robust ChIP protocol suitable for investigation of proteins associated with chromatin from FFPE samples and provides high quality yields of DNA. This solution makes traditionally difficult work with FFPE samples simpler and safer. The protocol involves easy and quick and non-toxic deparaffinization, followed by chromatin extraction and shearing by sonication. The kit contains everything you need for start-to-finish chromatin immunoprecipitation with an optimized protocol to make ChIP from FFPE samples simple yet reliable. In addition, the kit has been thorougly validated and optimized for histones and transcription factors.

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  • Characteristics
    • User-friendly, fast, and low toxicity deparaffinization workflow (unlike xylene-based methods)
    • Easy recovery of re-hydrated tissue with DiaFilter columns
    • Fast chromatin preparation without enzymatic digestion
    • Quality: Mild de-crosslinking preserves dsDNA
    • Eluted DNA suitable for qPCR analysis or other downstream applications

    Successful chromatin shearing using the Bioruptor Pico and iDeal ChIP-FFPE Kit.

    Figure 1. Sections of FFPE Mouse liver (stored for 3 years) were processed accordingly to the iDeal ChIP-FFPE protocol. The recovered sheared DNA was analysed using Fragment Analyzer (High Sensitivity NGS Fragment Analysis Kit (DNF-473). The Fragment Analyzer trace shows the fragment size distribution between 100-400 bp ideal for ChIP experiments.

    Excellent Histone ChIP results from FFPE samples

    Figure 2. Chromatin immunoprecipitation analysis using H3K27ac antibody. ChIP was performed on Mouse liver FFPE samples accordingly to the iDeal ChIP-FFPE protocol using 1 µg of H3K27ac antibody (Diagenode, Cat. no. C15410174)

    Excellent TF ChIP results from FFPE samples

    Figure 3. Chromatin immunoprecipitation analysis using CTCF antibody. ChIP was performed on Mouse liver FFPE samples accordingly to the iDeal ChIP-FFPE protocol using 1 µl of CTCF antibody (Diagenode, Cat. no. C15410210).

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