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The Auto MethylCap kit allows to specifically capture DNA fragments containing methylated CpGs. The assay is based on the affinity purification of methylated DNA using methyl-CpG-binding domain (MBD) of human MeCP2 protein. This procedure has been optimized to perform automated immunoprecipitation of chromatin using the IP-Star® Compact Automated System enabling highly reproducible results and allowing for high throughput.

  • Characteristics
    • Fast & sensitive capture of methylated DNA
    • High capture efficiency
    • Differential fractionation of methylated DNA by CpG density (3 eluted fractions)
    • Automation compatibility

      MBD-seq allows for detection of genomic regions with different CpG density

      MBD-sequencing results have been validated by bisulfite sequencing

      Figure 1. Using the MBD approach, two methylated regions were detected in different elution fractions according to their methylated CpG density (A). Low, Medium and High refer to the sequenced DNA from different elution fractions with increasing salt concentration. Methylated patterns of these two different methylated regions were validated by bisulfite conversion assay (B).

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    Auto MethylCap kit MANUAL
    The Auto MethylCap kit allows to specifically capture DNA fragments containing methylated CpGs....
    Datasheet MethylCap Protein DATASHEET
    The MethylCap protein has been extensively validated for specific isolation of DNA fragments cont...
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    Genome-wide DNA hypermethylation opposes healing in chronic woundpatients by impairing epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition.
    Singh Kanhaiya et al.
    An extreme chronic wound tissue microenvironment causes epigenetic gene silencing. Unbiased whole-genome methylome was studied in the wound-edge (WE) tissue of chronic wound patients. A total of 4689 differentially methylated regions (DMRs) were identified in chronic WE compared to unwounded (UW) human skin. Hyperme...

    Gene promoter and exon DNA methylation changes in colon cancer development - mRNA expression and tumor mutation alterations.
    Molnár B, Galamb O, Péterfia B, Wichmann B, Csabai I, Bodor A, Kalmár A, Szigeti KA, Barták BK, Nagy ZB, Valcz G, Patai ÁV, Igaz P, Tulassay Z
    BACKGROUND: DNA mutations occur randomly and sporadically in growth-related genes, mostly on cytosines. Demethylation of cytosines may lead to genetic instability through spontaneous deamination. Aims were whole genome methylation and targeted mutation analysis of colorectal cancer (CRC)-related genes and mRNA expre...

    Aberrant DNA methylation of WNT pathway genes in the development and progression of CIMP-negative colorectal cancer.
    Galamb O et al.
    The WNT signaling pathway has an essential role in colorectal carcinogenesis and progression, which involves a cascade of genetic and epigenetic changes. We aimed to analyze DNA methylation affecting the WNT pathway genes in colorectal carcinogenesis in promoter and gene body regions using whole methylome analysis i...

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