Directional high-throughput sequencing of RNAs without gene-specific primers.

Mäki A, Tiirola M

Ribosomal RNA analysis is a useful tool for characterization of microbial communities. However, the lack of broad-range primers has hampered the simultaneous analysis of eukaryotic and prokaryotic members by amplicon sequencing. We present a complete workflow for directional, primer-independent sequencing of size-selected small subunit ribosomal RNA fragments. The library preparation protocol includes gel extraction of the target RNA, ligation of an RNA oligo to the 5'-end of the target, and cDNA synthesis with a tailed random-hexamer primer and further barcoding. The sequencing results of a phytoplankton mock community showed a highly similar profile to the biomass indicators. This method has universal potential for microbiome studies, and is compatible for the 5'-end sequencing of other RNA types with minimum library preparation costs.


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October, 2018


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    Grenoble, France
    Oct 2-Oct 4, 2023
  • EMBL Symposium: The non-coding genome
    Heidelberg, Germany
    Oct 11-Oct 14, 2023
    Crete, Greece
    Oct 15-Oct 20, 2023
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