RFX5 Antibody

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100 μg/100 μl
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Polyclonal antibody raised in rabbit against RFX5 (Regulatory Factor X 5), using a KLH conjugated synthetic peptide from the central part of the protein.

Concentration1 μg/μl
Species reactivityHuman
PurityPurified by ion exchange chromatography
PrecautionsThis product is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
Applications Suggested dilution References
Western Blotting 1:2,500 Fig 1
  • Validation data


    Figure 1. Western blot analysis using the Diagenode antibody directed against RFX5
    Nuclear extracts from Raji B cells (35 μg) were analysed by Western blot using the Diagenode antibody against RFX (Cat. No. C15410326) diluted 2,500. The position of the protein of interest (expected MW 80 kDa) is indicated on the right; the marker (in kDa) is shown on the left.

  • Target description

    RFX5 (UniProt/Swiss-Prot entry P48382) binds to the X box of MHC-II promoters thereby activating transcription, and mediates the cooperative binding between RFX and NFY. Deficiency of RFX5 leads to a lack of MHC-II expression which is characterized by a severe immunodeficiency syndrome called MHC-II deficiency.

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    Western blot : The quality of antibodies used in this technique is crucial for correct and specific protein identification. Diagenode offers huge selection of highly sensitive and specific western blot-validated antibodies. Learn more about: Load... Read more
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