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NEW! The Human Methylome is a Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) service assay that allows a comprehensive DNA methylation profiling in human samples from solid or liquid biopsy like plasma circulating cell-free DNA. Ideal for biomarker discovery and monitoring, it covers several oncogenes for cancer research and other complex diseases.

Sample types: blood, plasma cell-free DNA, urine, frozen tissue, FFPE, cells
Sample input: 200ng (down to 10ng cell-free DNA)
Coverage: 150x
CpG coverage: >3.98M

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Cost-Effective Genome Wide DNA Methylation Analysis using Twist Hybrid-Capture Methylome Panel

Webinar series: Genome Wide DNA Methylation using Twist Hybrid-Capture Methylome Panel

Complete end-to-end service

  • Project design with our expert
  • DNA extraction and QC
  • Sample prep
  • Sequencing
  • Data analysis

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    The Human Methylome Panel enables the identification and study of methylation biomarkers spanning a wide range of targets and applications. The 123 Mb panel provides a targeted NGS-based DNA methylation assay, covering more than 84% of human CpG island sites, which is 4 times the number of CpGs than other technologies and much more cost effective than WGBS. The high capture efficiency increases the sensitivity of detection and achieves a depth of coverage of 90% of bases at 30x coverage with high probe specificities.

    - Optimal service for biomarker discovery in cancer, neurodegenerative, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases
    - Ideal for challenging clinical samples such as liquid biopsies (plasma cfDNA) or FFPE


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