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NEW! Human Methylome enables high coverage genome-wide DNA methylation analysis at the single nucleotide level in Human samples and it is ideal for biomarker discovery. The assay benefits from the advantages of Twist hybrid-capture panel that targets only 83Mb genomic regions containing important DNA methylation site thus enabling a very high CpG coverage. The technology is cost-efficient since it avoids the sequencing of the whole 3.2Gb human genome which includes regions without CpGs. By using Enzymatic Methylation (EM-seq) DNA is converted without further degradation and fragmentation leading to reduced bias and homogenous targeted capture.

High Coverage Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis

  • Single nucleotide resolution with enzymatic methylation (EM-seq)
  • Compatible with low input and highly fragmented cfDNA and FFPE
  • DNA inputs ranging from 200ng down to 10 ng
  • Robust (Hybrid-Capture) and cost-effective (reduced sequencing) solution
  • High coverage of 200X on CpG containing-region
  • Up to 18 million CpGs detected and 9 millions covered more than 10X
  • Covers more than 90% of the CpGs included in the Infinium EPIC array
  • Suitable for epigenetic biomarker discovery

Complete end-to-end service

  • From DNA QC to raw sequencing data
  • High-quality bioinformatic support (on request) to assist you with data analysis
  • Leveraging
  • Applicable to difficult samples such as cfDNA and FFPE
  • High CpG average coverage thanks to enzymatic conversion and hybrid-capture


  • APHL 2024
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
    May 6-May 9, 2024
  • London Calling 2024
    London, UK
    May 21-May 24, 2024



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