Sequence of the methylated spike-in control in FASTA format

This document and files are to process the sequencing data from the spike-in controls included in the RRBS kit in order to estimate the bisulfite conversion efficiency. You can find the sequences of the controls and the methylation status of each cytosine in the Premium RRBS Kit Manual.

However, to ease the data processing, we provide three files that can be downloaded from the Premium RRBS Kit page :

  • RRBS_methylated_control.fa: the sequence of the methylated spike-in control in FASTA format
  • RRBS_unmethylated_control.fa: the sequence of the unmethylated spike-in control in FASTA format
  • RRBS_control_unmC.bed: the positions of the unmethylated cytosines in the sequence of the methylated control in BED format

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