Megaruptor® 2

 DNA Shearing, RNA shearing and Chromatin shearing
Tight fragment size distribution
Hydropores eliminate clogging
High quality libraires
Tuneable to between 3 - 75 kb
1 to 2 samples in series
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1 unit

Megaruptor® 2 旨在提供 3 kb - 75 kb DNA 片段化的最佳体验。剪切性能与 DNA 样品的来源、浓度、温度或盐含量无关。我们的用户友好界面可实现连续处理 2 份样品而无需用户额外进样且不存在交叉污染。只需设置所需的参数,自动化系统即可完成其余工作。本设计消除了堵塞问题。通过 Megaruptor 进行剪切可使用 PacBio®Oxford Nanopore™ 技术系统实现最佳长读测序。


Established in March 15th 2000, DNA Link, Inc. has developed as one of the leading full genomic service provider with its extensive 17 years of experience. DNA Link has been involved in numerous genomic researches including many national projects, and contributed to the expansion of the genomic industry.

On one hand, DNA Link was the very first company to introduce the RS II system from Pacific Bioscience in Asia, and has been approved as one of the eight global certified service providers for PacBio. Since 2012, DNA Link has been providing quality results that are controlled under strict criteria and successfully assisted numerous research projects.

PacBio platforms’ strongest upside is that it generates the longest reads among all sequencing platforms, and constructing long-read libraries using high molecular weight DNA is the most crucial part of utilizing the platforms. Within the PacBio library preparation process, shearing the DNA molecules accordingly to the library size is the initial step for a successful library construction. Sufficient library yield can be obtained only if the DNA molecules are sheared within the targeted size.

DNA Link has been using the Megaruptor instrument from Diagenode for this shearing process, as it is easy to use and has less contamination risk for using disposable hydropores, which contributes to the overall efficiency of the laboratory logistics.

Read our new Nature Methods publication about the Megaruptor 2 and best NGS library preparation practices

Hyeyoon, Jang - Lab Manager - Seoul, Korea