MeDIP-seq (Methylated DNA IP Sequencing) 受託サービス

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    • 100〜500 bpの解像度
    • 低密度および繰り返し頻度の高い領域での5mCカバレッジ
    • 特異性が高く、偏りの少ない配列などに影響を受けない抗体ベースのアプローチ
    • 専門の科学者がハイタッチコミュニケーションで顧客プロジェクトを管理
    • 包括的なサービス - 免疫沈降、ライブラリーの調製、配列決定、分析


  • 詳細

    MeDIP sequencing services include:

    QC of the genomic DNA

    • Measurement of DNA concentration
    • Assessment of  DNA quality

    Preparation of MeDIP-seq libraries*

    • gDNA shearing on Bioruptor® Pico  
    • Library preparation
    • Immunoprecipitation of methylated DNA using Abs specific to 5-mC
    • Library amplification and clean-up  
    • QC of the MeDIP-seq libraries

    Deep sequencing

    • Samples are sequencedon an Illumina platform  
    • Single-read or paired-end  
    • 50bp to 150bp read length  
    • Greater than or equal to 50M reads per sample
    • Coverage to be defined with customer

    *Full protocol details can be viewed in the MagMeDIP-seq Package manual

  • バイオインフォマティック解析

    Customized bioinformatic analysis on request

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    Epigenomics Profiling Services FLYER
    Chromatin analysis DNA methylation services RNA-seq analysis
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